Sigman says he will stay in mayor's race

COVINGTON - Bobby Sigman said Thursday he will remain in the Covington mayor's race despite announcing earlier this week that he would withdraw.

Sigman released a statement calling the story regarding his withdrawal "mistaken" and "unverified."

"I am certain many of your readers would hope this accurate story concerning my campaign gets the same amount of front page coverage as your mistaken unverified story which you printed in haste without getting any facts or quotes from officials with the city who would have told you, 'No, Mr. Sigman has not withdrawn,'" the statement said.

Sigman himself told the Citizen Tuesday he was withdrawing, following the release of an undercover video by the Covington Police showing him apparently purchasing stolen campaign signs of his opponent, Ronnie Johnston. But on Thursday, he said, "I meant I was withdrawing from the campaign, not the office." Asked point blank if he was denying the statements he made two days earlier, Sigman responded, "I don't know," and began laughing. He continued laughing loudly as he walked out the doors of the Citizen office.

Before he left, he also added, "I'm going to lose. I know it. It's not going to be a big deal."

In the statement he released Thursday, Sigman said,"When I thought it was best for me to withdraw, my supporters came forward in huge numbers to convince me to remain in the race."

Sigman never filed a notorized affadavit for withdrawal with the Board of Elections Office, Director Donna Morrison said.

Sigman was arrested the evening of October 12 following an undercover operation by police and charged with making false statements within a political subdivision, theft by taking and criminal trespass, all misdemeanors. On Tuesday, police released a video showing Sigman meeting an unidentified man at a Washington Street service station. The man, who was wearing a police video and audio device, got into Sigman's vehicle and directed him to a wooded area where approximately 50 Ronnie Johnston campaign signs were stashed.

Sigman shows no surprise that the individual had collected the signs, but instead points out a Johnston sign they pass en route, telling the man, "There's a dollar you missed."

Once at the site where the signs were piled, Sigman and the man load the trunk of Sigman's vehicle with the signs and the man directs Sigman where to take him. When it comes time to pay the individual for the signs, Sigman offers him a $50 bill, but the man argues with him, saying Sigman had promised him $2 per sign. Sigman tells him he only agreed to pay $1.

"It's obvious there was a deal and you can hear the negotiations," CPD Capt. Ken Malcom said at a press conference. "If an arrest had not taken place, we believe the sign thefts would have continued."

Malcom said the CPD investigation into this incident before Sigman's arrest lasted only a day. A citizen reported someone stealing her Johnston sign out of her yard and the police were able to locate that person and gain information that led them to Sigman.

In the statement released to the media Thursday, Sigman alleges that he's heard reports in recent days of "reports to law enforcement over the years, some even including videos of candidates taking other candidates signs, only to have law enforcement respond with, 'We don't think this type of thing is important enough to warrant spending our time on.' I suppose anyone can see with the amount of time and effort that was put into this recent issue by local law enforcement points out how politically motivated these actions were."

Sigman goes on to say that if elected mayor, Police Chief Stacey Cotton "would not be appointed to the City Manager's job when Mr. (Steve) Horton leaves next year. I am intent upon hiring a firm to search nationwide to find the best possible experienced candidate for that job."

When asked to comment, Cotton said: "The only comment I have is the police department was presented with a complaint from a victim that a theft had occurred, officers investigated and made a case against Mr. Sigman. I stand by our officers. I personally don't have any comment on the rest of it."

News Editor Barbara Knowles contributed to this story.


Billy 3 years, 11 months ago

I don't know who would vote for this person, other than relatives and the mentally challenged. Honesty in politics is always the first requirement. If he stays in the race, he ought to be prosecuted for the campaign sign violation. Best thing for this person is to stay in the private sector, if not in jail...


molasses 3 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Sigman, please just let it go. You are continuing to embarrass yourself by looking and sounding like a fool. You were caught and you should be a bigger man by admitting to what you did and do the logical thing is "tuck your tail" and go away. No one will vote for you except for your family and yourself. You have proven to be a shyster. There is no room for your lack of ethics in Covington. Covington has enough problems without you adding your conniving ways to it. Your behavior is shameful and personally I'm tired of you saying "I don't know" when you do know what you said and what you have done.


THorn 3 years, 11 months ago

I agree this is a shame. I think though Cotton would have been better served letting the SO handle this so there would be no question of impropriety, which there certainly is now. I think a lot of effort has been put in to a sign sting. Not saying it is right, but there has been sign stealing going on in every election that I can remember. I have a lot of questions now about several people. I called on what appeared to be drug dealers and no sting was set up.People , those of you that have called in and reported suspected crimes and no stings or actions were taken over things more serious that stealing yard signs. Personally I would not have voted for either candidate, but this has been a eye opener.


JBaker 3 years, 11 months ago

This is my whole opinion. Isn't a mayor suppose to help clean up crime in the community? So why elect someone who committed a crime himself? It is hilarious that a "man" and I say it loosely, could do something like this to "win" an election. Talk about cheating the system The fact of the matter is this: the evidence pointed right at him, especially with the video that was shown through out the town, the lies, and even though it was $50 it was still a CRIME. I know I don't want my major being a criminal. He is old enough to know right from wrong. I think honestly, he should not even be able to run for mayor after this.


THorn 3 years, 11 months ago

If there is four comments why are you only posting two


Silverbullet 3 years, 11 months ago

Sigman...set up from day one and I can bet you it aint over yet. The establishment is so freaked that Sigman will be elected and clean house. What is worse, one who is so concerned about City Government (Wanting to get elected) and takes the bait from Asst Chief Malcom, who would get Cotton's job if Cotton were moved to City Manager, or corrupt insiders who convince honest City officials to spend TENS OF MILLIONS of tax dollars to make their pockets bulge. All this while the taxpaying citizens foot the bill, pay elevated utility bills and can only hope someone like Mr. Sigman gets elected. They are also frightened of payback time. Cut off the gravy train for these people who work behind closed doors to make the rest of us look like sheep to the slaughter. This aint no cotton mill town anymore and you rich folks aint running the company store any more. Get over it and stand by for Mr. Sigman to get elected and run you corrupt money grubbers out of town. Which is worse, a couple of $2.00 campaign signs or tens of millions of dollars removed from City coffers to benefit the wealthy few?


SPACECADET466 3 years, 11 months ago

Silverbullett - you hit the nail on the head.


phone 3 years, 11 months ago

Silver bullet, I'm really glad I read you're post. It had been another boring Monday until your story really gave me some laughter. I just love you conspiracy theorists!!!! I would love to pick your brain and get your thoughts on some other things. Do you believe that man landing on the moon was a hoax? Who was behind the JFK assassination? Did George Bush set up 9/11? The fact is,as I have seen from your previous posts, that you have an ax to grind against the city govt. You won't be happy until everyone is banned from walking on the downtown square!!! It's also a fact that there seems to be real evidence against Mr. Sigman that you wish to downplay. If the present govt. leaders are guilty of anything then lets see some evidence presented! I don't know Mr. Sigman and have nothing against the man. I also have no ax to grind against the city of Covington. I like my information based on facts, not from "heresay."


Jackie3654 3 years, 11 months ago

If anybody thinks honesty is anywhere or in anyway or even considered when politics is involved is truly mentally challenged ! ! ! mentally unstable !!! and lives in a fantasy world .


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