Porterdale Explorer volunteer arrested, suspended

PORTERDALE -- A volunteer with the Porterdale Police Department Explorers Post program was arrested last month after he allegedly purchased tobacco products and a pornographic adult movie for a youth member of the Explorer program.

Lt. Keith Crum with the Newton County Sheriff's Office, said the Sheriff's Office was asked by Porterdale Police to investigate the incident. Crum said the NCSO arrested Ray Ellis Wise, 55, of 27 Elm St., Porterdale, and charged him with two counts of distributing tobacco to a minor and one count of furnishing electronic obscene material to a minor.

Porterdale Police Chief Geoff Jacobs said Thursday his department is conducting an internal investigation of the incident. He said Wise and the 17-year-old youth Explorer were both suspended from the Explorer Post 1917 program.

"When we got word on that we took action right away," Jacobs said.

Crum said a Porterdale police officer asked the NCSO to conduct a criminal investigation of the alleged Sept. 24 incident.

"That officer had developed information that a 17-year-old Porterdale Explorer had received cigarettes, snuff and a pornographic adult movie from a volunteer with the Porterdale Explorers program," Crum said.

He added that the tobacco products and movie were found in possession of the minor and were taken into evidence.

"The cigarettes were purchased from a store in Porterdale," Crum said. "Videotaped evidence was retrieved from the store. The child was interviewed, the subject was interviewed and subsequently arrested on the charges and booked into the Newton County (Detention Center)."

According to the Porterdale website, the Explorers program is designed to "provide experiences to help young people mature and prepare them to become responsible, caring adults. Explorers gain valuable life experiences through activities that encourage citizenship and community involvement."

The program provides training in areas of law enforcement, including traffic stops, self defense, handcuffing techniques, SWAT tactics and Georgia law. The program is open to young people ages 14-20.


ChickMagnet 4 years, 1 month ago

My child is participating in the program and I've noticed a 200% change for the better since joining. I think it's amazing how great a job they do with so few officers! Thank you!


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