Conyers streets to become more bicycle friendly

CONYERS — The city of Conyers will soon become a little bicycle friendlier.

The City Council approved the installation of bicycle sharrows, or lanes, on Main Street, Pine Log Road, Rowland Road and Milstead Avenue Wednesday.

“This coordinates with the bicycle plan we were working on earlier,” said Brad Sutton, public works and transportation director. “We’ve got all the speed limits dropped down to 35 mph.”

The installation of the sharrows will cost a little more than $39,000. The city received a $4,100 Georgia Bicycle Grant for the lanes, and the rest of the project will be funded using SPLOST funds.

“Bicycles are not cheap,” Sutton said.

Councilman Vince Evans asked Sutton if the “Share the Road” signs would make people slow down and put down their cellphones.

“I don’t think they’ll put the cellphones down, but they’ll start to notice more when people get out there riding,” Sutton said.

The work is the latest in the city’s efforts to receive a Bicycle Friendly Community designation.

Bicycle Friendly Communities is a nationwide program recognizing municipalities that actively support bicycling and provide safe accommodation for cycling and encourage residents to bike for transportation and recreation.

Fifty-eight communities across the country have Bicycle Friendly status and Roswell is the only city in Georgia that has achieved this designation, according to the Bicycle Friendly Community website.

The city also approved an agreement to widen Railroad Street by 4 feet. Parallel parking and sidewalks will also be added.

“We’ll start at Center Street and we’ll work our way toward West Avenue,” Sutton said. “Right now, Railroad Street is 17 feet in most places and when we’re done it’ll be 21 [feet].”

The agreement also has a budget for land purchase, because the city needs to acquire land to complete the road.

“We will ask for donations, but if not we will have to buy the right of way,” Sutton said.

The project will also realign the intersection at Peek Street from a Y-intersection to a T-intersection.

The council also approved an agreement between the city and the Georgia Department of Transportation that will allow city staff to manage federally funded work projects.