RECIPE BOX: With holidays approaching, remember caramel Heath dip

Just four ingredients make up this sinful dip and it takes less five minutes to whip up.

Just four ingredients make up this sinful dip and it takes less five minutes to whip up.


Serve caramel heath dip with Granny smith apples, adding tart flavor to this extra sweet dip.

I have one word that describes this week's featured recipe, caramel Heath dip -- sinful.This recipe is just dripping with sweetness and it has never failed me. I always get the same question, "Can I have the recipe?" When folks ask that question, you know it is good.

You mix cream cheese, caramel dip and Heath toffee bits together. Then cut up some apples and dip until you just can't take it anymore. I prefer to use the Granny Smith apples. They tend to be a little tart, and that tartness helps enhance all that gooey sweetness from the dip.

I really do enjoy watching people's faces when they eat this dip for the first time.

I swiped this recipe from sisters Christy McCullough Walker and Apryl McCullough Gossett a few years back. I think there were a few events that the three of us attended where we argued over who was going to bring this dip.

My other favorite part about this recipe is once you have the apples cut up into slices, the dip itself takes less than 5 minutes to whip up. Who doesn't want something quick and easy? Folks, the holidays are coming, need I say more?

Also, the dip makes a fair amount, so feel free to cut everything in half if you are entertaining just a few folks.

One last thing, feel free to choose the low-fat or sugar-free versions of any of the ingredients. The dip will turn out just as good and with fewer calories, too.

Caramel Heath dip

16 ounces of Marzetti Old Fashioned Caramel dip

8 ounces of cream cheese, softened

8 ounce bag of Heath english toffee bits

7 or 8 Granny smith apples

Mix the cream cheese and caramel dip together thoroughly.

Add heath bits in a little at a tip and stir until you have used the whole bag.

Wash and dry apples, and cut into slices and serve.

TIP: If making this dip at Christmas time, use red and green apples to make the dish more festive looking.

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