Internal Medicine of Newton joins Emory Specialty Associates

Internal Medicine of Newton County, a primary care physician practice in Covington, will become Emory Internal Medicine of Newton and a component of Emory Specialty Associates, a subsidiary of Emory Healthcare.

Emory Internal Medicine of Newton will continue to provide services through its five-physician practice and staff. Services include diagnoses and treatment of adult diseases, including disorders of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, lung, kidneys, blood and circulation and endocrine system.

This is the second Newton County practice in recent months to partner with Emory Healthcare as an Emory Specialty Associate, said Lance Skelly, director of media relations for Emory Hospitals, in an e-mail. The other such practice was Newton Associates, which became Emory Newton Medical Associates this past summer, he said.

"Emory Healthcare is not 'taking over' these practices," said Skelly in an e-mail. "Rather, it is a strategic partnership that will provide resources, including equipment, a shared commitment to quality, and will help attract cutting edge technology and other outstanding physicians to the area."

Emory Specialty Associates was formed in 2006 as Emory Healthcare's outreach physician practice organization, managed by The Emory Clinic.

It houses specialty divisions of primary care, cardiology and hospital-based specialties such as anesthesiology, pathology and emergency medicine.

"This partnership presents a tremendous opportunity for Emory Healthcare to partner in the delivery of first-class internal medicine resources in the growing Covington and Newton County area," said Donald Brunn, president of Emory Specialty Associates in a press release.

"The partnership also provides an opportunity to continue building community-based programs that attract additional physicians to their practice, while assuring improved access within Newton County by local experts in a growing medical community.

"Emory Healthcare is committed to seeing expanded access to local care providers in the metro region. Citizens of Covington and the surrounding communities will continue to benefit from the outstanding care available at their local hospital, while gaining expedited access to highly specialized care in Atlanta through the Emory Healthcare system."

Dr. James Stillerman, and his wife who is a registered nurse, opened Internal Medicine of Newton in 1990, after completing training at Emory.

"Covington was the perfect community to establish our practice and raise a family. It was important to find a community with a good hospital and close access to Emory's specialist care for our more challenging cases," said Stillerman in a press release.

"Each of the physicians with Emory Internal Medicine of Newton has received a portion of their medical training at Emory and, therefore, has a connection to Emory. This next phase will enhance that connection.

"Our goal with this partnership will be to continue to provide quality care for Newton and surrounding counties, and support our local hospital and physicians, while improving access to Emory's experts and referral source."

Emory Internal Medicine of Newton is located at 4181 Hospital Drive, Suite 401, in Covington.