Warrant comes to Wild Bill's

DULUTH -- The American glam band Warrant is storming the stage Friday at Wild Bill's with an arsenal of new songs and a fresh frontman, Robert Mason formally of Lynch Mob, who has been performing with the guys for three years.

If you go

• What: Warrant concert

• When: 9:30 p.m. tonight

• Where: Wild Bill’s, 2075 Market St., Duluth

• For more information: visit www.wildbillsatla...

"The guy is a pro, he takes it for real," lead guitarist Joey Allen said about Mason. "It's more important to him to put on a good show and making the crowd happy than anything else in his day."

This is a 180-degree change from their old lead singer, Jani Lane, who passed away on Aug. 11, 2011, of alcohol poisoning. He officially left the band in 2008.

Since switching singers, the guys have been working tirelessly on the new album, "Rockaholic," also the tour's name. Fans can expect to hear the same fast, heavy metal sound they are used to from the past records, which Allen prefers to play.

"I like to play the faster stuff. It's like getting in the car and driving fast," he said. "I especially like a lot of the new stuff because it's fresh and exciting."

Allen has already fallen in love playing with "Cocaine Freight Train" and "Last Straw" because they're "heavier."

For those die-hard fans out there, they will be playing other hits like "Cherry Pie," "Sometimes She Cries" and "Down Boys" in the mix of new tunes.

No matter what, Warrant is doing everything they can to put on a show that fans will remember. One way they're achieving this is by always being sober before a show.

"We're trying more and more for sobriety before we play," Allen said. "We're really being conscientious to put on a good show -- a tight show."