Newcomer Joel Biggs runs for mayor of Social Circle

SOCIAL CIRCLE -- Joel Biggs is a young father who is pursuing his undergraduate degree in business. He only recently moved to Social Circle, and now he's running for mayor.

"I'm relatively new to the community, but I've lived here long enough to see things I want to a change," Biggs said.

One of Biggs' primary goals is to create an open and responsive city government.

"I got in this because I know I want to be heard and there have been times I would try to be heard or get things done and I felt like I have not had the opportunity," he said. "I want to be a voice for the community, to represent the people."

Biggs said that an open government is a responsible one.

"I'm not in it for any financial gain; I want to be able to listen to (the public) and use that as a way to determine how to spend tax money," he said. "Everything else comes from there. The main thing is getting spending under control and giving citizens a voice how their tax dollars are being used."

Biggs, 30, is currently a full-time student studying business at Georgia Piedmont Technical College (formerly DeKalb Technical College), which allows him the flexibility to raise his 15-month-old son. Prior to returning to school, Biggs was a warehouse and construction manager, managing as many as 120 people at any time.

He and his wife, Elizabeth, moved to Social Circle in 2010, although they have lived in Walton County for several years.

Biggs said his newcomer status would make him a more effective mayor.

"There are some things that need to be changed from the top; we need a totally new perspective," he said.

He said he decided to jump into the political fray when he realized that only two candidates had announced they were running for mayor by the time the qualifying period opened in August.

"There was not much choice," Biggs said. "I prayed about it with my wife and we decided it was best to get in it, too."

To contact Biggs, email him at Jbiggs4mayor@gmail.com.