Lawrenceville woman arrested after claiming to be Obama's mother

LAWRENCEVILLE -- An elderly Lawrenceville woman was arrested Tuesday after disturbing customers at a Zaxby's restaurant and claiming aloud to be Barack Obama's mother, police said.

Lawrenceville police officers responded to the Zaxby's on West Pike Street at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, finding a suspect "known to them by past encounters," according to an incident report. Fifty-seven-year-old Audrey Elaine Farley, donning a yellow rain poncho, was reportedly standing outside the door to the restaurant and chatting up customers as they entered.

When officers approached her, she began a "nonsensical rant," the report said.

"I was able to understand that she expected me to give her a ride home," a responding officer wrote. "When I asked her where she was now living, she ... went off on a tangent which included the fact that she is President Obama's mother."

Farley -- who had been arrested six previous times since 2009, most on disorderly conduct charges -- reportedly eluded officers and had to be forced back out of the restaurant multiple times, shouting profanity and telling officers to take her home because "the city of Lawrenceville had changed everything and she did not know where she was."

Farley was ultimately arrested on two counts of disorderly conduct. As of Wednesday she had not posted $812 bond.