Jeffares receives state committee chairmanship

A lawmaker from Henry County has been chosen to lead a committee in the Georgia legislature.

State Sen. Rick Jeffares (R-Locust Grove), was named Chairman of the Senate State Institutions and Property Committee for the 2011-2012 term by the Committee on Assignments. The announcement came from the Georgia Senate Press Office Tuesday.

The committee reviews all legislation concerning the construction and maintenance of buildings, lands, and other property owned or managed by the State of Georgia.

Jeffares said he was honored to be selected to lead the committee. “It is important that our state continues to make building maintenance, construction and management decisions that fall within budget parameters, and, at the same time, adequately address Georgia’s needs,” said Jeffares.

The senator’s new role was received well by his colleagues, including State Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers.

“Sen. Jeffares is one of the brightest minds in the State Senate,” said Rogers. “His first year of service has been outstanding, so much so that his colleagues have taken the rare step of naming him a chairman after only one session. His work leading this important committee will serve all Georgians well.”