Oct. 9 Newton Citizen Poll

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"I read in the Newton County Citizen where Deputy Sheriffs were being thrust into one violent situation after another. It just seems like Newton County citizens are in the middle of what used to be 'Atlanta type crime" all day, every day. I recently read that a man who shot a Rockdale County woman and child surrendered to Newton County deputies. In another story a Newton County deputy was mauled and seriously injured by a pit bull dog while responding to a call. In yet another story a bunch of deputies were needed to respond to an armed robber at the Liberty station at Crowell Road and I-20 to search the woods for and capture the fleeing armed robber. A few months ago a man shot and killed his wife at the same convenience store. It seems like there are more and more serious crimes occurring in Newton County. It just makes you wonder if you are safe getting out anymore. I feel so much safer that a deputy lives in our neighborhood and his patrol car is parked in his driveway for all wrongdoers to see. Today I asked my deputy neighbor how everything was going and he looked down and did not say much. He said he is trying to sell the family home because he cannot afford to work for the Newton County Sheriff's Office anymore. I was shocked. I did not know he was having problems or that he was moving. He explained that since he graduated from the Police Academy he and other classmates have gotten jobs and started their careers. He was recruited by the Newton County Sheriff's Office and became a deputy sheriff five years ago. All of his other classmates had gotten hired at other agencies. He told me that he has worked hard, gotten great job performance reviews, but he has not gotten a single pay raise in five years. In fact his starting pay has been cut by over 5 percent every year for the past three years yet his family was growing. He said he loved working for Newton County but his wife and family were suffering because of his choice in working here. He said all of his classmates have received holiday pay, cost of living raises, they have received educational certification advancement raises, they have been promoted,they have received performance bonuses, their careers are advancing. He said they were now receiving over 20 percent more than when they started and his career with Newton County is going backwards. After five years of working hard for Newton County he is making 5 percent less than the day he started. He felt that he had wasted five years of a career to gain nothing and it was time to change."

"Reading the Newton Citizen, I see where Newton County Emergency Services are busy responding to acts of extreme violence all day, every day. They are expected to secure the scene, treat the injured, secure evidence, and transport the injured, all at the same time, while advising all unknown stakeholders of every movement. At least they are not directly under Mort Ewing, Tim Fleming, and J.C. Henderson's cost-cutting measures."

"I don't understand why there's a shortage of labor to work on the farms since the illegals are not as available. With all the legal citizens on welfare and unemployment hovering at 10 percent, there should be an abundance of labor available. There was a time in this country when people would do any kind of work to provide for their families -- now they want to sit on their butts and let the government (ie the taxpayers) provide for them."

"Parking for the handicapped behind the County Administrative Building -- Awesome! This sure beats placing a convention center/hotel with no parking facilities in this limited space. Is there a door and wheelchair ramp adjacent to the parking area or do we need to involve the Americans With Disabilities Act to get this convenience? What brought about this badly needed change? I have not seen anything in the local news about this much needed improvement. Did I miss something?"

"The Randy and Randy show. I'm wanting to comment about when I turn on my cable TV I see those two asking the council for more and more money. Ray Geiger was before Randy V. and he never did that to my recollection. It's like I'm raising dairy cattle and Randy comes to me and says, 'I can git you $10,000 in free government grants to put labels on your milk cans.' But no grants ain't free and not without a lot of strings attached too. So, I'm saying to him,'OK, but I know these grants require at least 20 percent and sometimes more from me (or the city).' So he is telling me I can git $12,000 worth of labels for only $2,000. If you are real stupid you may fall in that trap. But I ain't never had no labels on my milk cans before and I can sell all the milk I can get. So why would I (unless I'm real stupid) pay $2,000 for something I never had and never needed? We comparing our utility bills with friends outside the city and they double. Why not do something smart, council people, and quit this foolishness and put that money towards your wholesale power costs and reduce the taxpayers bills. We are suffering out here and y'all keep on giving money to Randy and Randy for, well, milk can labels."

"Can the school board find a superintendent who shows up for events and does not trash talk the schools behind the closed doors. The man is never at stuff in this county except the wrong stuff that has nothing to do with the kids. ... "

"On Sunday afternoon, Oct. 2, I walked my dog north up Church Street in Covington to the town square. When I got to Reynolds Street there was a city barricade blocking Church Street, which is also Georgia Highway 36. The entire Square was blocked off for what seemed to be some type of car show. I stood at this intersection for a while and watched the out-of-town traffic approach this barricade and become confused, this was causing a back up of traffic. No one was at this barricade giving directions or directing traffic. I felt sorry for these people. I would like to thank the person who put the Sunday comment in the Citizen concerning the problems caused by the city of Covington when they block their streets. Their comments were the best I have ever read."


Covingtonian 3 years ago

First and Foremost I do not like your new format for the poll but I don't miss the attempts @ satire by some of my fellow readers.

What specifically got me to respond was the Oct.09 comment about Church street being blocked at Reynolds. I too abhor having to detour at the square and think the least the city could do is to always make sure a path is clearly marked for travelers.

After all both Hwy 36 and 81 intersects at the SW side of the square. Church street is not Hwy 36, perhaps you were refering to Monticello st. which is Hwy 36 and likely too was blocked at Reynolds on the same day in question.

I grew up blocks from the square 57 years ago and have frequented the city square for probably 47 of those years but that's another story at another time.


supportpublicsafety 3 years ago

To respond to the comment about the Sheriff’s Deputy, I really think that is just a shame that the deputies that put their lives on the line every day have to be punished. These hard working men and women deserve to get pay raises and they should not have to worry about losing their homes. I know things are tight right now for everyone, but these county commissioners need to put their pet projects to the side and protect the ones that protect them while they sleep. There are so many good Deputies that have to leave because they can no longer support their family on the pay that they receive due to the major cut backs that the county has put in place for them.

I heard that the jail is something around 100 jailers short, which is absolutely crazy and the patrol officers is around 30 or 40 short. How can the Sheriff’s Office be successful with the fight against crime with little to no help. Thank goodness for the splost money that is coming in, the sheriff’s office was driving vehicles that were pretty much being held together with duck tape. Times are totally different now in Newton County and NOW is when people (Commissioners) need to wake up and realize that public safety needs help.


mustardandbiscuit 2 years, 10 months ago

140 deputies short, yet the Sheriff continues to run an agency that is constantly OVER budget?? Figure that out!


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