Teen charged with public indecency

COVINGTON -- A 17-year-old teen has been arrested and charged with public indecency after the Covington Police Department received complaints Wednesday afternoon.

William Paul Jones of 7156 Midway Drive was arrested after he was pointed out to police by two women who had seen him at the Raceway gas station in a green vehicle with his genitals exposed.

According to a CPD incident report, the women followed him and called 911 dispatch. They initially said he was driving a green Nissan, but it was later determined to be a green Honda Civic.

The women followed the suspect from Raceway into the Food Depot parking lot where he was observed driving up and down the parking lanes as if he was looking for someone. He stopped and spoke with a female in the parking lot and when officers approached her as to the suspect's identity, she said she did not know him.

Officers observed him leave the Food Depot parking lot and cross the street to the Kmart parking lot, where he continued his suspicious activity for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. He left the Kmart parking lot and drove to Midway Drive, where officers initiated a traffic stop.

They discovered Jones had a small baby in the car with him.


momofone 3 years, 10 months ago

Why did it take police 30-45 minutes to initiate a traffic stop on this guy?


John 3 years, 10 months ago

As I read the news article, the police followed this person for 30-45 minutes observing his actions. It is difficult for the police/sheriff to arrest someone base on the words of another person, they needed to catch them in the act of doing something wrong. That is just the law. It probably took that much time.


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