LETTERS: Family violence not just a 'family matter'

In light of the recent tragedy with a mother and child being shot at a day care center, I wanted to take a moment to emphasize that family violence is not a crime just between man and woman, nor is it a crime that occurs behind closed doors. This is a crime that extends beyond the boundaries of the home and infiltrates our communities into our places of business, faith, and even our schools. Even as this incident proves, it can even cross county lines.

This crime demonstrates that we must attack this epidemic from all directions within our community ... not just in the home. The Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence is working to provide educational programs that specifically target our health care, faith based, work place, and even our education populations. This crime is not a problem for just the criminal justice system; this is a problem for the community as a whole. Everyone has a role in fighting the crime; everyone has a role in holding abusers accountable.

If you would like more information on family violence, visit our website at rockdaleaware.com to discover how you can help. Help us break the silence and stop family violence.

Holly W. Bowie, Secretary

Rockdale Task Force Against Against Family Violence