Rockdale County to revise sign ordiance

CONYERS -- Rockdale County is updating its sign ordinance.

Marshall Walker, director of the Rockdale County Planning and Zoning department, said the county is reviewing the sign ordinance to bring the Rockdale County ordinance more in-line with the sign ordinance recently passed by the city of Conyers.

"We're working on making the county's much more compatible with the city's so there is not so much confusion with the city and the county," Walker said.

The planning department is looking at the sign ordinances of other jurisdictions as well to help develop the new sign ordinance. Walker said he expects the ordinance will have some noticeable changes.

"I wouldn't say drastically, but it will make some improvements in the ordinance and clarify some things," Walker said. "It will be simplified. Right now, it depends on your zoning district, and that will be simplified, much like the city's is."

The primary goal, according to Walker, is to make the county sign ordinance compatible with the city sign ordinance, though there are other goals.

"Secondarily, given the economy, we're all looking at ways to help businesses stay in business. So, that's a secondary goal," Walker said.

The sign ordinance also regulates inflatables as well as political and campaign signs.

"There are rules in our current sign ordinance, and there is in the city's regulations on campaign signs, and it's always a big deal," Walker said. "You cannot -- and this isn't going to change -- you cannot put signs in the intersections."

A citizen's committee has already reviewed many of the county ordinances and made suggestions concerning the sign ordinance to the planning and zoning department.

The ordinance will have to go through the public hearing process before it can be presented to the Board of Commissioners for approval.

There is no timetable for the ordinance, but Walker said it would be completed as soon as possible.

"Signs are always controversial," Walker said. "The (Board of Commissioners) directed us to take a look at the city's ordinance and come up with something, so that's what we're doing."

Residents may submit ideas or suggestions for the sign ordinance by email to marshall.walker@rockdalecounty.org.