JASON DEES: New child will give greatest of joys, deepest of pains

Jason Dees

Jason Dees

I found out a few weeks ago that I am having a baby girl and I am so excited. She is due in January and, as it might be expected, a flood of thoughts have been running through my mind.The thing that has been most striking to me about having a child is just the suddenness of it. Any other accomplishment in life takes a lot of hard work, planning, and preparation, but not having a baby.

With my career, I had to go to school and train and prepare and get a degree before I could pastor a church; with marriage, I had to pursue Paige, and buy her a ring, and go through this elaborate wedding in order to become a husband.

But when you become a father, you just walk in the door after work one day and your wife tells you that you are going to have a child and in that one unexpected moment everything in your life changes forever.

Now, Lord willing, this little girl that is growing in my wife's womb will be one of the greatest objects of my affection for the rest of my life; I will spend more time and energy with her than any other person on earth except for her mother.

She will give me the greatest of joys and the deepest pains that I will ever feel, and it will be her that speaks at my funeral and settles my estate when I am gone.

This little girl will do all of that; this girl that right now I could hold in the palm of my hand. I can't wait to meet her in January, but right now all I can do is wait and pray, and hope that I will be the father that she needs and that God desires me to be.

May the Lord bless her and keep her. May the Lord make His face to shine upon her, and be gracious to her. May the Lord lift up his countenance to her, and give her rest. Amen.

Jason Dees is senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Covington. He can be reached at 770-786-9031 or www.firstbaptistcovington.com or www.facebook.com/jasondees.