Covington police seek suspect in restaurant break-in

COVINGTON -- The Covington Police Department is looking for a man who smashed the glass door of a local restaurant, ran in, grabbed the cash register and fled in less than a minute.

A burglar alarm summoned police to Nagoya restaurant on Access Road shortly after midnight Sunday. There officers found the left side door had been shattered and the cash register taken.

According to the incident report, the only thing reported missing was the cash register, which contained less than $50.

The security video in the restaurant showed a suspect entering the restaurant, taking the cash register and fleeing. The suspect was wearing a ski mask, long pants or jeans and a sweatshirt.


Del 4 years ago

I find it odd that a break in which netted a loss of $50.00 makes the paper while my business suffered a break in, lost $5,500.00, had it on Security camera from 4 cameras and never heard a peep out of the CPD


Hackman 4 years ago

May we have a comment by the CPD


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