Bomb scare leads to Wal-Mart evacuation

CONYERS -- About 100 employees and customers at Wal-Mart on Dogwood Drive were evacuated at about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday following a bomb scare that was relayed to the Conyers Police Department from a woman in New York.

According to CPD Lt. Jackie Dunn, "A female unrelated to Conyers or Wal-Mart in New York had a voice mail on her phone when she awoke this morning. An unknown male to her made a statement that there was a bomb in a specific place at the Wal-Mart in Conyers that was going to detonate at a certain time."

Dunn said the male caller stated a domestic reason for the purported bomb and gave specific names and phone numbers. Dunn said by the time the woman got the voicemail and relayed it to Conyers officials, the time the man stated for the detonation of the device had already passed.

Wal-Mart officials chose to evacuate the store and Conyers Police officers worked to clear the building of any threat. A Rockdale Fire Rescue ladder truck was used to elevate officers to the roof of the building in order to clear that area, although Dunn said that area was not specified by the caller.

The store was searched by Conyers police and no explosives were found.

Dunn said the case has been turned over to the FBI and Homeland Security. "All the names and addresses (given by the male caller) are real names and addresses, but in northern states," Dunn said.

Assistant Chief Dan Morgan with Rockdale Fire Rescue said his department was on the scene in a support capacity with two engines, a ladder truck and a command vehicle.

"When they got done inside they asked us and we provided the ladder truck and put two officers on the roof. They searched the roof, and they gave the all clear," Morgan said.

Dunn said the number of bomb scares has declined in recent years as technology has become more sophisticated.

"Now with the technology to trace calls, it's not very common because law enforcement is usually able to track them down successfully," Dunn said.