Nov. 27 Newton Citizen Poll

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"'Middleton said he is resigning to spend more time with his family' (Wed July 20, 2011), obviously John's definition of family is not the same as most normal people. Folks, this was a setup from the start. Get the picture all you dawg fans -- backroom, single light bulb hanging from a cord, a bunch of old white men sitting around smoking cigars and deciding what's best for all the rest. What upstanding and solid county leadership we have. J.C., being 55 years of age doesn't translate into being smart, certainly not in your case. By the way, when did it become necessary for the county attorney to start writing job descriptions? Doesn't the county have a qualified Human Resources Department? It's not about what form of government is right for the county, it is all about how this was handled. What's next?'

"OK. The front page has the nice color photos of local events, high school sports are located towards the end in black and white, tiny ads are inserted here and there plus an occasional half page for added, much needed revenue. Let's not forget the scattered puzzles, comics and local commentaries complete with a face that we've come to recognize. Yes, I'm describing the classic, unfortunately disappearing, local newspaper we've all come to enjoy reading. Like the US Postal Service, our local papers have had to make adjustments as well to stay above water. But, here's one editorial idea that I've seen developing over the past few years. Rather that use an entire page on world news quips that we can review repeatedly on CNN, etc., consider using an extra page of the Citizen Poll (perhaps daily) that has gained more and more in popularity as a strong vent, allowing folks to share their views, anonymously, on every issue from local schools to local government. Plus, a little feedback from others from time to time. Owner(s) and editor(s) please .... give this some thought before you drop another day's printing."

"It seems the three commissioner block has done it again. They have put their own personal agenda ahead of the voters of Newton County. The commissioners, Ewing, Henderson and Fleming, have decided among themselves that we need a new form of county government without even asking for the opinion of the people that vote and pay taxes in Newton County. How much longer are we, the voters and taxpayers, going to let this go on? Every time Ewing has a pet project he gets Fleming and Henderson to go along with him and pass it through regardless of the impact it has on the county or its taxpayers. We saw this with the recent cattle barn Ewing wanted the citizens of Newton County to pay for. It almost seems like Henderson and Fleming don't have a mind of their own or could care less about the voters. Which is it commissioners? I think there should be an investigation by the State Attorney General's Office into this latest action."

"A newspaper editorial called Newton County Commissioners Mort Ewing, Tim Fleming and J. C. Henderson 'the gang of three' and describes them as 'arrogant' for their latest power grab. They have effectively fired elected Newton County Chairman Kathy Morgan by stripping her of all meaningful powers. They are now free to strip the roads department budget even more, and then blame her for every traffic problem in Newton County. You can now also add formerly resigned but ever so slow to leave Executive Assistant John Middleton to the gang. He is now the new county manager. See John's mouth open and close, watch Mort Ewing's fingers move."

"How 'bout this latest episode of the Newton County Commissioner Mort Ewing Show, with sidekicks Commissioners Tim Fleming and J.C. Henderson. Old Mort is something isn't he? Mort was sore about County Chairman Kathy Morgan not immediately blessing and passing his last three budgets (like she had something to say about it) and then he was really embarrassed about all the whooping and hollering over his totally $1.1 million unplanned agriculture center. Dang, if old Mort did not decide to fire Kathy for not following his directions, all of which was sage advice. And then he did it last Tuesday with County Administrative Assistant John Middleton and County Attorney Tommy Craig's' willing assistance."

"This is amazing. By his own admission, Newton County Commissioner Mort Ewing told a reporter that he met with Commissioners Tim Fleming and J. C. Henderson, separately (so as not to form a quorum of three that would trigger 'a public meeting' and require an open discussion available to press coverage) about County Administration Assistant John Middleton front -page public resignation. Ewing then met with County Attorney Tommy Craig, who he had research how to cut Chairman Morgan from every executive power they could. Ewing, Fleming, and Henderson, with Tommy Craig's vocal support then went about cutting Chairman Morgan's powers. She did not have a chance. Even the county attorney, whose paychecks she signed, ambushed her."

"Hey East Newton County Republicans. You elected Mort Ewing as your county commissioner. With all that has transpired over the past few years, do you still believe he is the best person to represent our Republican values? Mort Ewing is the leader of what our newspaper described as the 'gang of three' as they attempt to circumvent the voters in SPLOST votes and by voting to 'fire' our elected county chairman."

"Would some capable person please run against Mort Ewing. PLEASE."

"If you have any doubt about what kind of job Mort Ewing, Tim Fleming, or J.C. Henderson are doing ... seek out a Newton County worker, and ask them away from prying ears what kind of job they think Ewing, Fleming or Henderson are doing."

"Memo from Newton County Commissioners Mort Ewing, Tim Fleming, J.C. Henderson, and County Manager John Middleton: The floggings, and wage/benefits cuts will continue until morale improves."

"I have been rolling this around in my head this week. I am trying to understand my country, or young adults, and our patriotism. I see we are losing it all. But, as a conservative, I have noticed a few examples of 'I really don't know what I want' from both sides. I have a family friend that is in college (art school), if that really is an education. She is really big on this distribution of wealth. But yet she has never had a job or had her own family. She has never had to struggle to make it, or work at crappy jobs to make a car payment. She is quoting the Bible with Scripture about how it should be done. But she fails to talk about how this movement wants to do away with Bible teachings because they say it's outdated. Besides, I could go on quoting rebuttal Scripture to her, but she would never hear it. On my side of the coin, I am a Vet, and would put my life on the line for the country my forefathers established at any time. But I also want to keep the government smaller than what it is, and get a handle on our country (the way it was meant to be according to the Constitution). The conservative movement also wants government to stay out of our day to day life, but wants the government to make abortion illegal. I don't agree with abortion, but I don't want the government to be the ones to tell me it's wrong, God has already told us that. Everyone wants to complain about this country and the way it is. But look at the history. If this country was not the way it is, or has been, we would not have won the revolutionary war, we would still have slavery, also because we would have lost WWII and would be speaking German. There is a rant about buying Chines goods for Christmas. The reason that we do that is because we have taxed our companies so much that they find it cheaper to do business overseas. (Most American cars are made outside the United States, and most foreign cars sold in the United states are built here). Makes no sense. You are taught Arab history, Buddhist history, alternative lifestyle, and in college, the opinions of each professor. Yet, you can't teach Christian history. If a woman wears something provocative in public, it's OK, but if you look at her, you can be charged as a sex offender. All of the different cultures come here to live in the melting pot, but they want you to think the way they do. If you love your culture and way of life in your old home, go back. America is special. Many in the parks want us to think otherwise. But we are. We are the best country on the planet. If you don't like that statement, you can leave. Values and morals have always been a mainstay to our way of life. No one would ask about your religion, or way of life. And they would not force their way on anyone. I could go on and on, but it will not change anytime soon. I do think most law-abiding citizens are sick and tired of the way things are going. And I do see change coming. I just hope for my children's sake, that the country I grew up in and love remains."

"Why are the veteran city officers allowed to go on these luxury trips on (taxpayers money) to supposedly teach the others officers skills but come back and post pics on Facebook of rock climbing and sightseeing? ... I'm just a little bit confused about that and would love for someone to clarify? The city of Covington Police Department is only about whose butt you kiss to get ahead and not about hard work of the police officers. A degree does not make the officer, the experience does!"

"Evidently a campaign promise by a re-elected councilman in the East Ward will not be kept. He said he was not in favor of discussing the purchase of the railroad by the city of Covington, but at the City Council meeting on Nov. 21, he made the motion to appoint a committee to discuss the purchase. Is this what we elected to represent us? A person who cannot keep his words?"


oside2705 4 years ago

Dear Conservative when you have a deputy superintendent who sends Kiwanis reports to the state to pump up his resume that are allegedly false how can you expect young kids to have a model to look up at.


Sarge44 4 years ago

Now can you heap him on out of both places - schools and Kiwaniian.


RV30015 4 years ago

Whats this all about Kiwanis. I heard about this at the barber shop today.


mustardandbiscuit 3 years, 11 months ago

From all of the comments I've been reading, it sounds like the leadership at Covington PD has gotten stale and we need new staff.


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