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Skeletal remains found off Odum Street in Covington

The Covington Police Department reports the discovery of skeletal remains of an unidentified male Thanksgiving afternoon.

Shoppers report mostly hassle-free Black Friday

Shoppers out and about on Black Friday reported smaller crowds and shorter lines.

Rockdale Master Gardeners to honor volunteer work with new award

The Rockdale County Master Gardeners will recognize the top green thumb in the community with its new Volunteer of the Year award.

Annual Toy Run to support Rockdale Emergency Relief

The season of giving kicks into high gear on Dec. 3 with the 21st Annual Christmas Toy Run organized by the Conyers Riding Association.

Covington Walmart evacuated in fire scare Friday afternoon

Electrical short caused evaucation of Walmart Friday afternoon, according to the Covington Fire Department.

Nov. 27 Newton Citizen Poll

Newton Citizen Poll

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Conyers Police seek Atlanta man in shooting

A Conyers man is recovering in an Atlanta hospital after being shot multiple times Thursday.

Georgia man not hiring until Obama leaves office

A west Georgia business owner has been deluged with calls and emails after posting signs on his company's trucks that say he's not hiring anyone until President Barack Obama leaves office.

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Ga. farmers crack down on rash of pecan thieves

At a time when farmers should be giving thanks for pecans selling at record prices, they're instead cracking down on thieves.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Harlequin glorybower is known by many other names, including tree-of-good-fortune

Jesus instructed His disciples in the Sermon on the Mount, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you"(Matt. 7:7). The wildflower for today required a lot of seeking to identify its name and origin.. One of our

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JAMES BEHRENS: The call of friendship leads one outside the confines of the comfortable

There must be something in the grand design of things that limits our horizons. I do not know why that is. But I know that I have fallen victim to its effects many times in my life.. Briefly put, something about us drives us to limit our range of seeing

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TONY ELDER: Don't doze through an opportunity to share God's Word with others

I don't know about you, but I'm still having problems adjusting to the recent time change. It's affecting me at both ends of the day. I'm waking up an hour sooner than necessary each morning. And due to the earlier onset of darkness, I find myself getting sleepy before my

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JOE LAGUARDIA: Seeing Christ in ourselves allows us to see Christ in others

I'm sure most of my readers know by now that I am a movie nut. My daughter takes after me, so, now that she is almost 8 years old, I thought it appropriate that we watch one of my favorite childhood movies together, "The Neverending Story.". "The Neverending Story"

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY: Create Christmas savings account to prevent financial stress at the holidays

Q: Every Christmas season, I resent how much money my wife spends on her family. She has a big family and they all exchange gifts that can add up to hundreds of dollars. In my family, we usually just get each other something sentimental, and sometimes only exchange Christmas cards

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JULIE WELLS: Don't let the worldly things steal the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus

Are you working on getting your Christmas cards sent out? Have you bought any presents yet? Or are you like some folks who still can't believe its December?. I started getting the Christmas fever earlier this year. I was kind of hinting around to my husband that I thought it

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JASON DEES: We should be aware of God's majesty and might and freely submit to Him

Almighty God, the Creator of all, the King of the Universe, the One who rules with power is so far beyond our comprehension or imagination. For us to imagine God or describe God is impossible; He is indescribable. Our minds cannot fully know His infinitude. Trying to capture the essence

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Atlanta Boy Choir to perform at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit

It's not heaven, but the annual Atlanta Boy Choir concert at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit might be as close as it gets with the angelic voices of 40 boys lifting to the rafters of the historic Abbey Church Saturday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m.. In addition to the