LETTER: Letter of praise didn't need an editor's note

In the Nov. 18 edition of the Citizen, I read a letter to the editor from a prisoner who wanted to give thanks and praise to Michael and Emanuelle Castellana for the wonderful food, hard work, and compassion they present at the Newton County Jail. In the first paragraph, Mr. Thompson stated that he was a prisoner and had been in quite a few jails. This alone should have been enough to let the readers know who was writing the letter of thanks.

This letter was all about the Castellana family and the workers in the kitchen. But the Citizen felt it necessary to write a note at the end giving Mr. Thompson's charges and that he was awaiting transfer to state prison.

The Castellana family, for many years, has given of their time, energy, talents and money to needy people, civic organizations, and even the local schools. Many have benefited from their hard work and this is nothing new to this family. They have been doing this for many, many years. This letter should have been taken as a letter of thanks to them and highlighting their work. But instead the Citizen felt it necessary to add this note at the end.

In my opinion, the editor's note just cheapened the letter of thanks and it was totally unnecessary and irrelevant to the message Mr. Thompson was trying to send.

Really, Citizen. Why? Why did the editor feel she had to add this? I am still shaking my head at this childish remark from the editor.

But anyway, thank you Castellana family and all others throughout this county who work every day to make things a little better for us all.

-- Bonnie Brunson


Editor's note: The explanation of Mr. Thompson's charges was included in the interest of full disclosure and in anticipation of the question that many of our readers would ask -- Why is he in jail? This information was not intended to, nor do we believe that it did, diminish the compliment paid to the Castellanas.