Porterdale Council swears in new member, holds meeting

PORTERDALE -- The City Council was able to hold a called meeting Thursday night following the swearing-in of a new council member. With Tim Savage duly sworn as a council member representing Post 3, the council was able to seat a quorum and conduct city business.

Only two items of business were on the council agenda: approving the transfer of an alcohol license to Lindsay Crawford, who is purchasing the Porterdale Bar & Grill, and approval of a resolution to support a grant proposal by Newton County for a Georgia Recreational Trails grant.

Both items were approved unanimously.

The City Council has been unable to seat a quorum in its last two attempts to hold a meeting. Four of five council members must be present in order to have a quorum.

On Nov. 7, Foxworth and Harper were absent. In addition, the Post 3 seat was vacant due to the resignation of Arline Chapman, who resigned to run for mayor. The council attempted to meet again on Monday, Nov. 14, but that meeting was postponed because there was no quorum. This time, in addition to the vacant Post 3 seat, Finger was absent.

In addition to Savage, those present at the meeting Thursday were Post 1 Councilman Robert Foxworth, Post 2 Councilwoman Linda Finger and Post 5 Councilman Lowell Chambers. Councilman Mike Harper was absent. Mayor Bobby Hamby was unable to attend due to illness, but his presence is not required for a quorum.

The council had planned to meet again on Nov. 21, but because two members announced in advance that they would not be able to attend, that meeting was cancelled.

The council is scheduled to meet next on Monday, Dec. 5, at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.