LETTER: Thanks to those who give the gift of life -- blood

In the past, I have volunteered at local Red Cross blood drives held at the First Baptist Church of Covington. It was part of my community service as a member of The Service Guild of Covington. I had no idea how vital these pints of blood were until I had to be on the receiving end.

At the beginning of June 2011, I developed a medical condition that has necessitated blood transfusions. I have received eight pints of blood during these five months. On two occasions the Red Cross had to search their available supplies to find the right match for my blood type.

I want to thank those eight anonymous people who donated their blood. If you are healthy, I ask you to consider donating your blood at a Red Cross blood drive so that people like myself can lead a better life.

Each drop is a life-saving gift.

-- Nancy H. Crenshaw