LETTERS: Newton jail food is praiseworthy

This letter is my attempt to bring some well-deserved attention to the supervisors and staff of the kitchen here at the Newton County jail.

It is a shameful thing for me to be able to say, but I have been in quite a few county jails and prisons throughout these United States and recently here in Georgia. In all of my travels during these years, never have I been to a facility that offers food such as is found here. The preparation, quality and taste of the meals provided are no less than excellent.

I have personally met the two men, Emanuele and Mike Castellana, who supervise and direct the kitchen and staff. They are both professional and very good at what they do, but most importantly, they are kind and compassionate as they fulfill their duties. As such men do, they surround themselves with like-minded people, which is demonstrated very well in and by the ladies that comprise the staff.

Food safety and hygiene are a top priority with Emanuele and Mike, which is a comfort to those of us on the receiving end of the food. There are many facilities where it is not an uncommon thing to find "extras" on the trays, and some of them are still moving.

So, it is with a sincere and heartfelt "Thank you" that the inmates and myself offer to Emanuele and Mike and the ladies of the staff here at the Newton County jail -- job well done.

-- Richard E. Thompson

Newton County Detention Center

Editor's note: Thompson has been sentenced to 15 years on possession of cocaine and other charges. He is awaiting transfer to a state prison.


will 4 years ago

Feed them bread and water, just enough to survive, they made the choice to break the law. Bring back the chain gang and make these law breaker thugs pay their debt to society the hard way. The food these prisoners eat should be awful and maybe they would not come back for a future stay. We need prisons like they have in other third world countries, make it hurt bad.


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