LETTER: NewRock sets record straight on a couple of facts

In the Nov. 1 Rockdale Citizen article covering attorney Caycie Dix's appointment to the Rockdale County Board of Elections, her affiliation with NewRock Legal Society (NRLS) was highlighted. Caycie selflessly donates an impressive amount of her time and talents to a myriad of community causes and organizations. I am very proud of the contributions that Caycie has made to NRLS, including her involvement in our recent Know Your Rights forum and liaison work with local officials to find ways we can combat juvenile delinquency together. However, her service to the Board of Elections and NRLS are completely unrelated.

In this same article, moreover, NRLS was described as "an organization of local attorneys focusing [sic] legal needs of blacks and minority residents." NRLS is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, open to all members of the legal profession who support our mission. We are committed to serving Rockdale and Newton counties by improving public trust in the bench and bar through community service initiatives, legal education programming and consequential interaction and collaboration with local government, businesses and nonprofit organizations. If there are any questions about who we are and how we serve all citizens of Newton and Rockdale communities, please visit our website, www.newrocklegalsociety.org.

-- Phinia Aten


NewRock Legal Society