Front row seat to European theater

Arlie Aukerman completed 25 dangerous missions as a nose gunner on a B-24 Liberator, including a 1,300-plane raid over Berlin on March 18, 1945, as a member of the 453rd Bomb Group. Below is a list of some of the missions Aukerman flew:

-- Mayen: the Marshalling yards in town, 2,000 planes on raid, lost 35.

-- Neuwied: the Rhine River Bridge, lost two planes from formation, missed target by 2 miles, crash landing due to crosswise nose wheel.

-- Rheine: Marshalling yards, feathered #3 engine 34 minutes from target, lagged formation, returned alone.

-- Gielbelstadt: Jet Airfields near town, awarded citation for best bombing in 8th AF, worst flak ever encountered, 15 holes in plane, 4 hits in one wing.

-- Berlin: Anti-aircraft factory, unbearable flak, 1300 planes in the raid, lost 24 bombers and 6 escort fighters.