KCRB putting focus on recycling

Photo by WEAU Production 

Photo by WEAU Production 

CONYERS -- Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful is asking Rockdale residents to participate in the nationwide day of recycling drive.

National America Recycles Day will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 15. Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful is asking residents to think twice before throwing bottles and cans in the trash.

"This first year what we're doing is just raising awareness about recycling," said Mike Kessler, of Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful. "Just if you're out and about to take your bottles and bags and drop them off at the recycling center."

The Rockdale County recycling center will be open during regular business hours for residents wishing to drop off recycling. Grocery stores will also have boxes where people can drop off plastic bags to be recycled.

"It's just to raise the awareness that throughout the day coast-to-coast," Kessler said. "It's about keeping your community a better community. Ultimately it will be self-serving for the community and self-serving for the county."

Kessler said many people already recycle aluminum cans, but plastic bottles and other plastic products can also be recycled.

"They all have a number on the bottom and those can be recycled and reused for different items," he said. "We just want to say to people, 'Hey don't throw it in your trash can for the week. Take it to the recycle center.'"

Kessler said the goal of the day is to get people to recycle not for a day, but year-round.

"In a sense, every day should be recycle day, every week should be recycle week," he said. "Keep thinking 'recycle' on a daily basis."

More information about recycling centers and America Recycles Day can be found at http://americarecyclesday.org.