Mansfield Elementary School student found with knife at school

COVINGTON -- The Newton County Sheriff's Office recently investigated the report of a weapon on school property at Mansfield Elementary School.

According to Public Information Officer Deputy Courtney Morrison, a 10-year-old student was said to have a knife with a 6 -inch blade on it and was showing it to other students.

"The boy said he got the knife from his guardian's office and said the guardian was unaware that he had removed the knife," Morrison said.

She said an administrator at the school said he had learned that the youngster also had the knife while riding on the bus from a local day care center.

"No charges were filed against the young man as no students were ever threatened with the knife," Morrison said. "He said he thought it was cool to have a knife with a race car driver's number on the handle."

Morrison said the Georgia zero tolerance law regarding weapons on school property had been changed to allow officers more discretion in filing charges in cases of this type.

The Newton County School System will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in its handbook, which states that possession of a knife on school property is a violation of school policy, according to Public Affairs Director Sherri Davis-Viniard.

"The student was found to be in possession of a knife and as a result, is being disciplined according to the elementary school handbook. He has been referred to a tribunal hearing," she said.

According to the handbook, "Penalty (is) at the discretion of the administrator which may include but is not limited to conference, counseling, detention, STOP/ISS, suspension, or suspension to a formal hearing."

In other crime news, The Little Store at 1150 Church St. was burglarized sometime Monday night.

A Covington Police Department incident report states that the owner of the store believes someone stayed in the store at closing time and used bolt cutters to exit a fenced-in area onto Reynolds Street.

The perpetrator took around $4,500 in merchandise including beard trimmers, hair dryers, hair trimmers, curling irons, flat irons, ceramic heater stoves, human hair extensions ranging in lengths from 8 inches to 18 inches, synthetic hair braids and hair relaxer.

"All the items were tagged with a square red price sticker with 'special' stamped on it and then the price below it," the incident report states.

Also, CPD officers were called to Cousins Middle School Tuesday afternoon after a teacher found a threatening note in her chair.

According to a CPD incident report on the matter, the teacher found a handwritten letter in her chair which warned, "Don't start your car. It has a bomb inside. Just to let you know ... "

Detectives were able to question several students, after which one young man admitted writing the note. Nothing was found in the woman's vehicle. Juvenile charges were filed.