YMCA urges exercisers to avoid holiday slump

COVINGTON -- With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, the time is here when workouts go by the wayside and holiday stuffing begins.

It's not unusual for even the most devoted exercisers to drop their routines during the holidays, said Audri Ross, wellness director at the Covington Family YMCA.

Use of the facility "becomes a little bit more sporadic" in November and December, Ross said.

"I think with all the events going on this time of year -- everybody has holiday parties -- it's an easy time to kind off fall off. My advice would be to stick with a routine or come up with a way to be flexible," she said.

Ross advises to change workout days to whatever is most convenient during the holidays instead of rigidly sticking to usual days that may conflict with festivities, or working out longer than usual to make up for the gym days you miss.

This year, the YMCA has set the goal of helping those committed to being fit stay on track throughout the holidays. "Get Off the Couch Week" begins Saturday and runs through Nov. 19. Classes at the YMCA, located at 2140 Newton Drive, will offer new moves and music in hopes of spicing things up for regular members. Members can earn prizes for attending and bringing guests. "Get Off the Couch Week" launches at 10 a.m. Saturday with a Bodypump 79 Release, a full body strengthening class. Zumba, yoga, step, cardio and cycle classes will also get makeovers.

Ross said committing to a class is a good way to practice accountability and stick to workout goals.

"Classes give a little bit of structure and help eliminate excuses. Classes are also only offered at certain times," she said, adding the structure can help avoid procrastination.

The YMCA sees a slight uptick in use of its facility after the New Year and those numbers begin to dwindle after about April, she said. Instead of waiting for the New Year to go gangbusters on working out and then tiring out within a few months, it's best to develop a consistent and manageable routine now, Ross said.

For more information on "Get Off the Couch Week," call the YMCA at 770-787-3908.


John 4 years ago

The Covington YMCA could help the seniors of Newton county by accepting insurance programs offered by various companies in support of promoting wellness - but they don't. Just hate they drive to Salem Road where they do.


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