Richardsons win 21st Oaks Course tournament

COVINGTON -- Bob and Whitt Richardson used their 23-team handicap to win the 16-team, 21st Oaks Course Anniversary Tournament with a combined net score of 124 for the two-day tournament.

The Richardsons had the fifth lowest gross score for the first 18-holes on Saturday with a 73, but had the lowest net score with a 61. The team of Eric Schrepple and Paul English were on their heels with a net score of 63.

However, the Richardsons were able to maintain their consistent level of play on the second day of the tournament shooting a net score of 63.

Schrepple and English added five more strokes to their total on the second day as they lost a tiebreaker for a third-place finish and a net total with a 131. Coming from behind to take second place were Ken and Mitch Thacker. After shooting a 67 on their first day, the Thackers made some putts, allowing them to shave three strokes off their first-day score for a 64.

The team of Andy Watson and Wade Collins finished fourth with a net score of 133 (68-65).

Having the lowest gross score were 134 was the team of Ken Dixon and Robbie Adams, who have a 0-handicap as a team.