Authorities: Student's face slashed

COVINGTON — A 13-year-old female middle school student faces charges of aggravated assault after she cut a male classmate's face the last day of school as the two were getting off the bus.

According to Newton County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Keith Crum, the two were on the bus, already parked on Indian Creek Middle School property, sometime between 8 and 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

"They knew each other and had differences in the past. Children on the bus were throwing small trash items around and the victim threw some trash and hit the suspect," Crum said. "As they were departing the bus, the victim walked past the suspect and the suspect struck the victim with her fist. She had in her hand a small, homemade, sharp-edged weapon. He received a cut to his face."

Crum said the weapon was made from an ink pen cartridge which had the razor from a small, hand-held pencil sharpener attached to it.

The 14-year-old victim ran from the bus and was taken to the school nurse for first aid. The girl was taken to the principal's office and law enforcement was called. She was arrested as a juvenile and charged with aggravated assault.

In other crime news, the Covington Police Department arrested a 63-year-old man in connection with a shooting at a graduation party in the Inglewood subdivision.

Officers went to the home on Gallitin Drive about 8:40 p.m. Saturday after the resident said an older man approached her fence and told her that the music was too loud and she needed to turn it down. The homeowner said she told him if he had a problem with the music, he needed to call the police.

"At that time (the suspect) turned around and started to walk away," according to information on the CPD incident report. "(He) got about 35 or 30 feet from the fence when she noticed him turn around and (he) brought a gun from behind his back and fired one shot at the people in the back yard. The bullet went by numerous people and hit the air conditioner in the back yard."

According to the report, the man fled into a wooded area. Some of the people at the party gave chase and when police arrived, they located the suspect near Hickory Drive.

Once officers caught up with the suspect, he offered resistance, saying, "I've been trying to get ya'll to turn that music down and ya'll won't do it!"

He was found to have a loaded .38 Special Smith and Wesson handgun on him with four live rounds and one spent round in the cylinder. He was ultimately Tasered before he complied with officers.

John William Ford, 63, of 8102 Hickory Drive was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct, pointing a pistol at another and obstruction of police officers.