Newton Poll - 05-21-11

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"For the person concerned about the old, outdated TV Guide channel, I went into the local office and got a box. Waiving the $50 install fee and connected it myself. And, my bill was lower with a promotion. The girl in the office explained to my husband and I how to use the box and we should've gotten this sooner. It's wonderful ... I hope this info helps. And Charter didn't take the channel, the TV Guide channel opted to make the move. All you have to do is go in and see what they have ... "

"With so many planned roundabouts coming our way in Newton County, I'd like to see the newspaper rerun the proper etiquette for maneuvering through a roundabout. I travel through the one on Turner Lake Road at Clark Street every morning around 7:30 a.m. and again in the afternoons. I constantly witness drivers who either don't know how to properly drive through it or are so self-absorbed that they care more for their own safety than for their fellow drivers. Here are a few of my observations: (1) Many drivers coming in from Turner Lake Road heading north toward the expressway seem to think that they don't have to slow down before barreling through the roundabout with no regard for drivers trying to enter off Clark Street. This is also true in the afternoons for drivers heading south from the expressway who do not allow drivers coming out of Turner Lake Complex to enter the roundabout; (2) Many drivers don't allow a safe distance between themselves and the driver in front of them which makes it dangerous for other drivers to enter the roundabout safely; (3) Rarely do I see any drivers using their blinkers to indicate they are exiting which is needed for drivers trying to enter the roundabout to enter safely; (4) Some drivers are just the opposite of the speed demons and sit waiting for an opening the length of a football field before entering the roundabout like they are scared to death of the circle. All in all, I love the roundabout and think it's a great idea from Europe that has finally made its way into Newton County. If we could just educate those drivers who have the bad habits I've observed get on board then it would be a totally hassle-free means of getting through busy intersections. My only suggestion for the construction of the future roundabouts would be to make them larger than the one at Turner Lake and that would make them even easier to maneuver. And if any grant funds happen to come along, a nice fountain or large statue with some landscaping would go a long way in making them beautiful landmarks in our county."

"The way to bring our schools back to educating students that want to learn is this. Enforce proper discipline, quit teaching to some standard tests, allow teachers to teach their subject. Do away with the teachers union for two years. I would be willing to wager that scores would rise and respect for proper learning would increase. I wonder if most teachers would agree?"

"I think there is little argument that Bin Laden was insane. But if he paid a million dollars for that rat-infested crack house, he was also pretty stupid."

"Fellow Americans, can you believe this? The anointed one plans to fly to Africa and the Middle East to give a speech on political change? Is he for real? He does love to fly Air Force One all the time with the price of gasoline (paid for by we taxpayers). Our fellow Americans are suffering from unemployment; high inflation, high gas prices, entire states destroyed by tornados, floods and fires, and he is concerned with Africa and the Middle East? This man should be impeached! He is no American as far as I am concerned. 2012 cannot come soon enough for me. His lunacy is proving to all of us that he must be removed from office! That is the only way we can take back our one nation under God! We must open our eyes before it is too late! Don't be fooled by Obama and his forked tongue. True Americans have to get on our knees and pray... This is our only hope in these times. We believe in what our forefathers believed in -- the constitution and trust in God! The time is now! Stand together be heard!"

"Like most people, both black and white, I am unhappy with how our Newton County Board of Commissioners have handled the 'people's business.' Government was formed to address certain core needs people have that private enterprise cannot address. These include a court system, law enforcement system, a prison system, a road system, the houses of government system, the executive branch, and a military. All the rest is not a core function of government."

"To the person commenting on the roundabouts. I totally agree with your observations on how a significant number of drivers do not know or wish to ignore proper driving rules. But I don't think publishing the rules in a newspaper would have much impact. My reasoning is: 1. To obtain a drivers license here and in most states is just one step harder than getting a prize out of a box of Cracker Jacks. I've lived in two states where the examinations are very stringent and a 'real' road test evaluation was required in addition to the written. ... 2. Driver's not only need to read the DMV manual, they need to understand what they read and retain and practice this learning long after the written exam. That's the hard part. I've had people (both young people and mature adults) tell me they had someone take the written test for them so they could get their license. 3. It appears, to me, we live in an ever-growing narcissistic world and the words Common Courtesy, Respect, Sharing (as in sharing the road) have diminished in value faster than the US dollar. 4. Traffic laws need to be strictly enforced. I drive on 278 through Covington most every day and at various times of the day. I can't recall the last time, I've seen a CPD blue lights flashing behind one of the those red light runners or high speed racers that think the 45 mph speed limit is a suggestion I did see a GSP write up some folks in the construction zone. Light runner. But I did observe three of CPD cars 'sitting' around the Square during the filming of the Vampire Diaries. Hey, the county/city is looking for more revenue -- looks like an untapped source from here and it is part of that oath 'To Protect and Serve'. 5. How many of those folks that really need to change their driving habits would actually read the article? They 'got no time and gotta' fly' - especially those soccer moms (just a joke). To the person with suggestions on ways to improve education ... what teachers union are you referring to? Georgia doesn't have one."

"To the 'expert' commenter on the warning sirens. First of all I do have a weather radio. But please explain this. 1. With 19 sirens that each have a 1-mile radius of coverage for Newton County only 46 percent of the county is covered. Don't know when these 19 were installed but simple math should/would have indicated many more were needed. That being, someone in NC saw value in them and made the decision to install the 19 -- they pay someone today to oversee them for use if needed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 2. Then if and when someone pushes the button to activate these 19 they 'assume' they are working. I have never get a 'warm fuzzy' feeling out of assuming anything. 2. If no one can hear them inside their home as you state, why would anyone install them. Not a whole lot of the population are outside after sundown. But my home was built in 1996, I can hear sirens from ambulances, police, fire truck, etc. on I-20 or 278 sitting inside my home as well as helicopters flying overhead. But I 'ain't' heard one siren in 15 years. 3. Other 'progressive counties' like Rockdale and in other states like North Carolina and I'm certain many others have a system (phone alert) that cost $25,000 per year, according to the newspaper article. Why not Newton County? 4. I fully believe that most people listen to the weather news on radio or TV during periods of severe weather. But they at best are 'guesstimating' when and were. A local alert system is used to state a tornado has been spotted and/or on the ground in your area. People of Newton County have reasons for concerns. PS I'm glad you got current on the price of those Weather Radios from Kroger at $34. I knew 20 bucks was too cheap."

"This is in response to the letter about the Eastside High School student. Why was race even brought into the discussion? When will you asleep-at-the-wheel Democrats come to understand that if the presidents name was Smith and he was white, because of the lies he tells and the decisions that he makes, the white president Smith would also be an idiot."

"To the law enforcement officer from another county that made the comment about people blowing by him at Mach 2. What about the law enforcement people from other jurisdictions that are driving over the speed limit and passing everyone else. No lights on, two counties from work and a Dunkin Donut coupon in their pocket. They are to obey the laws of the road just like everyone else. Look at the other side of the coin. If you were in your personal car instead of driving to and from work on the taxpayers dollar, people may not fly by you thinking that you can't do anything. Stop pretending to be the tough guy and say thank you for the free transportation."

"'Both politicians and diapers need to be changed often -- and for the same reason.' This statement in the Citizen Poll for Saturday, May 14, 2011, is truly more truth than poetry. Just thinking of the political situation beginning on the local and extending through the state and then to the national levels, our nation needs a thorough house-cleaning regardless of political affiliation, be that person dimwit or repugnant. From my study of U.S. history, I do not recall the founding fathers as having in mind that the pigs could keep feeding at the public trough for an indeterminate period; but somewhere along the way, the pigs decided that they couldn't back away from the hands that kept feeding them. So if we expect term limits to ever become a reality, the only way is to do as we have heard so often in the past number of years: 'Throw the rascals out!' But even with all the faults we may have as a nation, I am still proud to call myself an American!"

"In response to junior-to-be at Eastside and your grandmother, former teacher defender. I do agree with two of your three original points. One being, who cares about Obama's birth certificate, seems to be a non issue now. Three being, America at her worst has been the best place on Earth to live. But on point two, Israel being in little danger? That is a very bold statement from a student at any level of education. The history of conflict in the Middle East dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years. The argument in the region is not a mere dislike for other countries or governments. There is deep-seated religious hatred on both sides. In my opinion, annihilation may be the only resolution. If you consider WWII as an example, United States and Japanese relations have grown over a relative short period. Israel's geographic position in the Middle East and size make for a tremendous disadvantage militarily. Israel's religious affiliation is contrary to neighboring countries, therefore Israel is surrounded by adversaries. So to state 'little' danger is an understatement and could be quite offensive to the people of Israel. I really didn't need to go read any of my children's textbooks on the subject, but you may want to reread some of yours. You may also want to reconsider belittling an adult, no matter how ignorant you perceive them to be. A well-spoken and knowledgeable 15-year-old is more what your parents and grandma need. Not really fact, just my opinion."

"To the person who has the fix for schools. 1. I agree that discipline in school needs to be reinstated in a meaningful. Writing up a student is a joke - front office does nothing with them and the students know it. 2. There has been standards to measure student and schools for many decades. Tests like SAT determine college admissions. They were called something else when I went to school in the early '60s. Yep, there were accreditation standards that needed to be met then. 3. There is an adage that says 'For lack of a standard any level of performance is acceptable.' This goes for students and teachers. Not all students and teachers are top level performers. Most fall somewhere on that 'Bell Curve.' To just let a teacher just teach without measurement tools to determine effectiveness is very risky. In the private sector a performance review is used along with new goal setting (both personal and work-related) and improvement plans. It worked for me for 40-plus years. 4. Last time I checked in Newton County School System there are no teacher unions. 5. You should have added 'parental' or 'guardian' involvement is essential -- not on a part time or when it is convenient basis -- each day and every day in some way."

"Wondering why Gov. Nathan Deal doesn't duplicate what his predecessor did -- and fine gasoline stations $5,000 per day for each day of price gouging. There's no way the price increases are being done by the oil companies alone."

"Roundabouts are a waste of taxpayers money, all they had to do at Turner Lake Road was to put turning lanes and add a turning arrow to the lights. The engineers who came up with this roundabout need to go back to grade school and practice with the Tinker Toys some more or use some common sense, which a lot of people do not seem to have these days."

"Wow Chop! You sure did strike a nerve with choir boy's mommy. You are right though; you just simply pointed out that the country's financial situation is not as pretty as choir boy made it sound."

"This is Chop. So now the county is discussing options to raise money for the next fiscal budget. They want to tack on a fee for owning a pet, going to the local park and for using the recycling center. First, I do own a dog and don't think for one second I will step up and announce 'hey I have an animal please tax me more.' How will you enforce this. Will you canvass door to door and make sure everyone is in compliance? How will you collect the money at the parks? Will you have a guard shack and a newly hired county employee at $50,000 a year this includes the benefits that employee will receive. Well that sure makes a lot of sense. Here is a suggestion. Why don't we introduce a dead head tax; we sure would collect a lot of revenue just from the Board of Commissioners alone."

"While taking a drive some days ago in Newton County I saw a saying on several signs with the final sign that read Burma Shave. Well I wonder what happened to his comments he at one time posted. They were to me amusing and funny at times.

"Let me see if I have a clear understanding of this problem. Our Newton County commissioners voted to build a new library branch in western Newton County, then did not provide the funding to purchase enough books to even partially fill the library shelves, or fully staff the facility. Newspaper stories ran that praised the library staff for creatively making the library look as full as possible with a minimum number of books. The head of the Newton County Library System was so embarrassed and displeased by personnel funding cuts, library material funding cuts, and personal salary and benefits cuts, that he quit to go to work for a government agency up north that paid more ... of everything."

"My neighbor down the street is a Newton County deputy sheriff. He told me his supervisor, a Newton County Sheriff's Office patrol lieutenant, was recruited to join a federal government agency and the lieutenant chose to leave because he could not afford to stay with the Sheriff's Office. The lieutenant had been with the Sheriff's Office for over 10 years. He had rose through the ranks from deputy sheriff to corporal, to sergeant, and at his present rank of lieutenant, yet he could never reach the top pay after 30 years of service. Newton County does not care about its public safety employees. You are on your own."


Silverbullet 3 years, 3 months ago

We cannot afford to pay our Deputies a decent wage because we are too busy spending money on walking trails. What a total waste of money! Who are these people that cannot see the difference in wants and needs? Why do our commissioners agree with them all the time? Can anyone out there answer these simple questions?


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