Newton Poll - 05-14-11

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"Why are we paying the Main Street Covington director ... to promote downtown? Events to get people to come to the Square are being done and done very well by one downtown merchant! Maybe we should just pay him because he knows how to get the job done!"

"In light of recent events, why would the United States send one more dime of aid to Pakistan? Surely our leaders don't believe for one minute that Pakistani leaders were not aware that Bin Laden was and has been living right under their noses for almost six years. The billion dollars that we sent to them last year could have been put to good use right here in our own country. Maybe I'm ignorant as to how politics works when it comes to providing aid to other countries; a moron wouldn't give their money to someone that treated them badly. I do know this much; if sending money to other countries is supposed to promote trust and goodwill, our foreign aid policies are failing miserably!"

"In response to the letter last week that berated a sophomore at Eastside: I hope you are not angry at a young and thoughtful American who is an excellent student, Boy Scout, volunteer for his church, and community, along with being a lifeguard in the summer. I forgive you for improperly judging this young American patriot. Maybe your true anger is caused by the election of a president that is so unlike yourself. The current president is black, Hawaiian, and sometimes liberal. I dare say you may have none of these qualities. The president's name is not Kennedy, or Adams, or Johnson, but Obama. America is not doomed because Hannity, Beck, Boortz, and Limbaugh say that the Bogey man is in the White House. Let us all quit our jobs and hide under our beds. The sky is certainly falling. Well, hear the good news. Americans will not stop working, volunteering, and serving others every day. I love America and her diversity, because with diversity there is creativity, growth, and, yes, change. American citizens are all immigrants, except the American Indian. Our country will continue to be great because of this future generation of educated conservative, moderate, and, yes, liberal thinkers. Just like this Eastside sophomore. So, Mr. Chop, stop vomiting, you may become dehydrated. Drink some water and walk on over to Newborn so you can help chop up some wood. Your anger will hopefully dissipate as you volunteer for your community. I am sure that you will see that our great country is truly blessed, even with a so-called liberal in the White House. God bless America, and our conservative, moderate, and liberal leaders."

"Hey all you Newton County road commandos out there. Just because I drive a police vehicle from another jurisdiction to work on I-20 does not give you the right just to blow past me at Mach 2 because you think I can't do anything about it. What about me calling ahead to the jurisdiction I am in and have them stop you. I make a pretty good witness, especially when the camera is running. Blatantly ignoring the law in front of law enforcement is no excuse, regardless where that law enforcement person is from."

"To the persons complaining about the warning sirens in Newton County ... let me give you some facts that you might not be aware of. First, this system is an outdoor warning system. It was never intended or designed to be anything else. With the construction of homes, and the noise in there, you would never hear it anyway. Second, the government does what it can to keep people informed, however, it is your responsibility to take action to protect yourselves during situations like this. You make it sound like the government can control the storms ... Third, buy a weather radio. Kroger has them all day for $34. Fourth, this was on the news, radio and TV for at least two days prior. Use what common sense you have and listen to what is being broadcast for your safety. Yes, there are a couple of things that Newton County could consider if they could get some grant money, but the current shape of the budget and the economy will not allow them to do more than they are doing. It is your responsibility to look out for yourself, not the government's!"

"I would like to make a comment about something you haven't heard of lately. It is the tax thing on DUI. How many times have you heard of a cigarette causing problems, causing a wreck to get someone hurt and they keep raising taxes on that to try to cut out smoking. Why don't they try to cut out some of the drinking all the time. There are so many DUI charges it ain't even funny. Do something about the alcoholic beverages. I mean cigarettes is not that big a problem. Look at the alcohol; that is the problem."

"Hey, Chop, way to go. You told it all. Way to go. High five and all that."

"If we want our children and grandchildren to have a job we must start buying USA. If we are to start bringing back jobs to the USA we have to start buying USA products made in USA. This is a proven fact. Georgia has lost tens of thousands of jobs to foreign automobiles alone, although a few of these cars are made in the USA and have brought a few hundred jobs to Georgia. Most foreign cars are made in foreign countries. This helps their economy, not ours. Foreign cars such as Honda, Kia, VW, Toyota, Nissan and others may cost a little less but buying these brands is very bad for our economy. So wake up America, and bring back jobs here and not over there. See the USA in your Chevrolet or your Ford truck or whatever is made here."

"So, If I am driving 55 mph on an on ramp merging in to the interstate where the speed limit is 55 and you're doing 70 or 75, who's the safe driver? And even if the speed limit is 70 take your foot off the gas and let me in and then you will become the safe driver. Hmmmm, amazing."

"Imagine my surprise (lack of) this morning when I read the Recreation Department had asked the city of Covington to fund the salaries of four Rec Department employees. Just prior to the SPLOST 2011 vote I questioned one of the SPLOST committee members as to whether the Rec Department could handle any additional workload since they had laid off several employees just a few months prior. In the call back, that committee member said Tommy Hailey told him he could manage it. Really? If so, why ask the city for $300,000? I'm not blaming Hailey, he is an employee. News flash for the County Commission: The U.S. economy tanked more than two years ago, Georgia's unemployment rate is about 10 percent, Newton County's around 11 percent. Get rid of the Obama-Biden mentality of ‘We have to spend more money to come out of the recession.' Close the least used, unprofitable parks, community centers and raise the fees for using the others!"

"As a grandmother and former public school teacher, I was stunned and saddened at the angry response in the Citizen Poll on April 30 to the Eastside High school student's article. We should encourage our young people to read the papers, listen to the news, and stay interested and informed about what goes on in the government. Just because our young people don't share our opinions does not mean that they are not informed or lack intelligence. Frankly, the person who responded to the student does not come across as informed but rather as mean spirited and so opinionated as to be polarized. The Eastside student, however, wrote with intelligence and wisdom and hopefully will be one of our country's leaders someday."

"Hello again, If this does not make it into this week's issue I am sorry but I was studying so that I could stay in school and become smarter. To Mr. Chop, all that I have to say is wow. Did you really read my article? Or did you just see the name Obama and immediately begin to make assumptions? I am sure in the article I put nothing on unemployment or the economy. All I said was that Obama was a U.S. citizen. Now I don't know how that is translated into a liberal point of view. I don't know where you came up with the idea that I was a liberal based on just one statement. I actually like to consider myself more moderate. Also, I was 14 when the elections were held in 2008. So unless I was in that Acorn Vote or Dead Fish Ballot or whatever it was called, I couldn't possibly say, ‘I thought I knew it all.' However, if you were referring to 2012, well then, I will still be in school and will be an uninformed senior not sophomore."

"Here we go again ... SPLOST/Ewing criticism. Well, this is what I think happens — some folks just laugh, a few might give it the old ‘That's right' and several probably say, ‘There goes so and so posting again.' Then there are, no doubt, many who say, "Please shut up and get a life! The vote is over and five commissioners as well as the citizens of Newton County voted and the SPLOST won — get over it for gosh sakes!' (Makes me just want to vote for Mort Ewing anyway!)"

"For the person concerned about the old, outdated TV Guide channel, I went into the local office and got a box. Waiving the $50 install fee and connected it myself. And, my bill was lower with a promotion. The girl in the office explained to my husband and I how to use the box and we should've gotten this sooner. It's wonderful ... I hope this info helps. And Charter didn't take the channel, the TV Guide channel opted to make the move. All you have to do is go in and see what they have ... "

"With so many planned roundabouts coming our way in Newton County, I'd like to see the newspaper rerun the proper etiquette for maneuvering through a roundabout. I travel through the one on Turner Lake Road at Clark Street every morning around 7:30 am and again in the afternoons. I constantly witness drivers who either don't know how to properly drive through it or are so self-absorbed that they care more for their own safety than for their fellow drivers. Here are a few of my observations: (1) Many drivers coming in from Turner Lake Road heading north toward the expressway seem to think that they don't have to slow down before barreling through the roundabout with no regard for drivers trying to enter off of Clark Street. This is also true in the afternoons for drivers heading south from the expressway who do not allow drivers coming out of Turner Lake Complex to enter the roundabout; (2) Many drivers don't allow a safe distance between themselves and the driver in front of them which makes it dangerous for other drivers to enter the roundabout safely; (3) Rarely do I see any drivers using their blinkers to indicate they are exiting which is needed for drivers trying to enter the roundabout to enter safely; (4) Some drivers are just the opposite of the speed demons and sit waiting for an opening the length of a football field before entering the roundabout like they are scared to death of the circle. All in all, I love the roundabout and think it's a great idea from Europe that has finally made its way into Newton County. If we could just educate those drivers who have the bad habits I've observed get on board then it would be a totally hassle-free means of getting through busy intersections. My only suggestion for the construction of the future roundabouts would be to make them larger than the one at Turner Lake and that would make them even easier to maneuver. And if any grant funds happen to come along, a nice fountain or large statue with some landscaping would go a long way in making them beautiful landmarks in our county."

"The way to bring our schools back to educating students that want to learn is this. Enforce proper discipline, quit teaching to some standard tests, allow teachers to teach their subject. Do away with the teachers union for two years. I would be willing to wager that scores would rise and respect for proper learning would increase. I wonder if most teachers would agree?"

"I think there is little argument that Bin Laden was insane. But if he paid a million dollars for that rat-infested crack house, he was also pretty stupid."