Man arrested after obscene pics displayed

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

COVINGTON -- Covington police arrested a 42-year-old man at Dunkin' Donuts in Newton Plaza around 10 p.m. Saturday after a complaint that he was displaying obscene material on his laptop computer while in the restaurant.

Travis Wilborn of 60 Brookwood Drive was charged at the scene with distributing obscene material.

"Further investigation is being conducted at this time," said CPD spokesman Capt. Ken Malcom, adding that a search warrant had been obtained for Wilborn's computer which is undergoing a forensic examination at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab.

According to a CPD incident report, the officers answering the call noticed Wilborn sitting at a counter with his laptop screen facing him.

"I looked around and observed several adults and several preteen children sitting out on the patio in plain sight of Wilborn," the report states. The officer said he confirmed that Wilborn was looking at "pictures of an obscene nature," which included areas of both male and female anatomy and sexual acts. "The computer was open and sitting in a fashion where the material could be viewed by the individuals on the patio; specifically the children."

The officer said he had Wilborn place the computer in his vehicle and then come and speak with him about the matter.

"Wilborn was then questioned as to why he was looking at the pornographic material in a public place where young children were present," the report states. "He stated he was looking up some material to download for his friend. We then asked him about the contents of the computer and if there were any other types of pornography on it; namely child pornography. He stated he wasn't sure because the computer belonged to someone else and he didn't know what files were contained on the hard drive."

The computer was seized and Wilborn gave consent for officers to search his vehicle and its contents. A cell phone was discovered that was also taken into evidence. It "contained multiple pictures of different women. The women appeared to have been unaware their picture was being taken nor had they given consent." The photos were full body shots as well as different areas of female anatomy which appeared to have been taken at shopping centers and grocery stores, according to the incident report.

Additional charges could follow.