Health Reports - 05-10-11

EDITOR'S NOTE: Restaurant health inspection reports published in the Citizen newspapers include only the restaurant's name, address, score, date of inspection and previous score. This is due to the length of violations included in the reports. Readers who would like to know more about a restaurant's score may go online at www.eastmetrohealth.com to read any violations recorded in the report.


Oak Hill Elementary School, 6243 Highway 212, 99/A, May 2.

Alcovy High School, 14567 Highway 36, 100/A, May 3.

Jerk Thyme Eatery, 5340 Highway 20 Suite 202, 90/A, May 3.

McDonalds, 4174 Salem Road, 88/B, May 4.

Newton County High School, 140 Ram Drive, 96/A, May 4.

Porterdale Elementary School, 45 Ram Drive, 96/A, May 4.

Challenge Charter Academy, 8134 Geiger St., 87/B, May 5.


Wendy's, 1561 Ga. Highway 20 North, 82/B, March 16.

Nutrition Depot, 1360 Dogwood Drive, 88/B, March 17.

Rockdale County High School, 1174 Bulldog Circle, 100/A, March 17.

Waffle House #899, 2260 Sigman Road, 94/A, March 17.

Papa's Country Buffet, 1035 Sigman Road, 95/A, March 18.

Ruby Tuesday, 1714 Ga. Highway 138, 96/A, March 18.