Newton Phone Poll - 03-26-11

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"To the person who is concerned with the Glover trucks coming out of DeKalb County - they happen to be hauling in gravel that is creating a new landfill, that is being constructed at the old landfill. This is being done to accommodate all of the garbage that occurs in Newton County."

"Finally, the trial of Cobey Wade Lakemper started this week. He 'allegedly' murdered the young lady that worked at the Comfort Inn on 142 in 2005. I pray that justice is served with the death penalty and the fine family of the murdered woman is able to find some peace and comfort during this time. They are good people and didn't deserve this!"

"If it is true that the Porterdale fire chief is now currently under investigation by the Porterdale Police Department; why have we not seen anything about it in the newspaper? It appears to be becoming evident that the Porterdale mayor cannot continue to cover these issues up. I hope that justice prevails and the guilty parties get what they deserve."

Editor's note: Porterdale Police Chief Geoff Jacobs is conducting an investigation into complaints lodged against the fire chief. The investigation is not yet complete.

"Just read the U.S. Census Bureau statistics for Newton County. White population went from 75.3 to 53.8, black population went from 22.2 to 40.9, Hispanic went from 1.9 to 4.6. I would like to see the crime statistics for this time. In the last two to three years all I read about in the paper is how the crime rate is going up. Most -- not all -- of the mug shots I see support these statistics as most of these mug shots are of young black thugs. We need to find a way to teach these young people how to treat other human beings. We need positive role models for these people to look up to, they do not need to look up to the gangsters for guidance. Their parents need to set an example for them, they need to show them that hard work and an education are what's important. They need to teach them not to look to the welfare system for their income, not to have babies to take more money from hard-working, productive people. A hard-working person can look back and be proud of what he or she has done with their life. We should make people on welfare take a drug test before they take our money also. I was in New Orleans when Katrina hit, and I could not believe all the crimes that were taking place because people with good sense evacuated and left houses and businesses behind so their families could be safe. Everyone could have left the area. Look at Japan, I have not seen anybody stealing or placing blame on someone else. This is because they respect other people's belongings. Yes, they need the world's help right now, but you do not see them crying about another person doing this to them. In New Orleans it was somebody else's fault that these people stayed behind and did not get out, when it was them to blame, nobody else. People stand up for yourself, the country owes you nothing, you reap what you sow."

"Here's the latest perk from the current liberal administration: did everyone receive their mailing about government sponsored cell phone service? It seems that if you're on any kind of government aid (including Medicaid, free and reduced lunch, Section 8 housing, food stamps, heating assistance, etc.) you can get free cell phone service from the government. Guess that includes 90 percent of the population from Newton County. What's next -- government sponsored vacations?"

"Don't forget to pay your taxes -- (21) million illegal aliens are depending on you!"

"Dear 'drill, baby drill' history teacher. In general, your history lesson was a bit like reading an abbreviated Readers Digest version of 'Gone With The Wind' or 'Mein Kampf' -- i.e. many important other details missing with a unique spin that seemed like it supported your cause/beliefs. But here are few brief comments I'd like to share. 1. With the price of gasoline going up today, similar as in 2008, without any real shortage, those Wall Street pension fund manipulators and 'hedge' fund 'gamblers' must still be busy at work under this administration too. Or is it that crude oil costs more in USD because our dollar has been made weaker against other currencies with the 'spend and print' mentality currently in DC. 2. Relative to electric cars. The development of such vehicles started in the mid-'70s (I worked on a project for the U.S. Post Office in 1973 for mail delivery vehicles). 37-plus years later electric vehicles are advertised go 100 to 200 miles (remember that MPG rating you see on a new car that no one ever really gets) before recharge and certainly less if you live in hilly terrain like Georgia or drive through the Cumberland Gap and much less if one wishes to drive in the Rocky Mountain states. One hundred miles ain't very far -- one round trip to the airport or to the Georgia Dome/Downtown Atlanta. Certainly, a great idea but not a viable solution to resolve today's or even in the next decade or two. 3. Commuter trains work wonderful in large metro areas (Chicago, NY, D.C., Japan etc. They built (and are still building) their systems over a great period of time. How long would you project a commuter train from Covington to downtown Atlanta would take to build? Heck, a MARTA bus don't come here yet (unless the driver got lost or the bus was hi-jacked). My best answer, 'a long, long time.' Look how long it is taking just to widen about one mile of the 142 Bypass, Covington Bypass, Eagle Drive (also labeled 401K Highway, by me). 4. So how do we as a nation survive until these 'Utopian-type' projects become viable and available -- my thought is also 'Drill, Baby, Drill.' What say you? Just for a point of reference, I sold, marketed and was a product manager for electric forklifts since 1967 and the running time on a single battery charge for a standard, commonly used riding unit has not increased appreciably in 44 years."

"I enjoy reading the Poll every week. Saturday lunch wouldn't be the same without it. I always have thoughts about the columns and it's time to put some of them to print. 1. There seems to be a lot of concern about the Dumpsters being full at the waste stations. The person seeing a full Dumpster should come to one conclusion, you are not the only one using it. A comment was made about people from other counties using the stations. This is true due to having seen tags from Rockdale and Jasper counties. The employees at the stations however can't take the time to check on them because they are to busy picking up behind the disrespectful lazy ones that don't know what stack the papers, breakdown and stack the cardboard means and also can't seem to get all of their trash in the dumpsters so they just leave it laying where it falls. I wonder if that's how the inside of their house looks. Probably. 2. Who is this mother nature person that people mention and is she related to the Big Guy that was in a column on 3/19? The individual mentioned that God doesn't care about who wins elections so why pray about it. If you were a student of God's Word you would know who the one is that is in control and without prayer we would be in worse shape than we are. Take time to read 2nd Chronicle 7:14 and think about it. 3. Here's some food for thought. I really enjoy reading Pork Chop but is it Kosher so that it can be read by people of the Jewish faith? 4. I would like to compliment about the roundabout. It sure is nice, but think about how nice it would be if people would learn to use their turn signals. We are not mind readers. please signal your intentions. I don't know if you noticed but there is no way to go straight, at least not on the roundabout. May God bless you all."

"Hey Chop, read your post of 3-19-11 and request to start a Get Chop fund for your home gym. Had my hand in my pocket looking for some change after reading the article several times but quickly withdrew it. My reasoning for withdrawing is simply having your own home gym will not solve your issue, you need to get out of your home. Your issue seems to be, by your own written admission, you just can't keep your eyes of buff-type persons wearing an extra-small tank top. The good news is self-realization is half the solution. Try to come up with a fund to solve the other half and I might look for some spare change again. LOL, but I just couldn't resist the opening. Used to box competitively and when there was an opening you stick the glove in there."

"Just read the article in the Newton Citizen about the results of the 2010 US Census for Newton County. Information provided in this article is misleading and incorrect. As an example, the white population of Newton County did increase from 46,687 in 2000 (75.8 percent of 62,001) to 53,777 in 2010 (53.8 percent of 99,958). The percent did go down. Population is expressed in quantitative numbers and the mix in percentages. Maybe, this is why there is no comment from the Newton County commissioners or they just accepted the numbers as written but didn't really understand them. Just think, they also sign contracts to spend our money. Sorry, but I went to school (college) in the '60s and teachers taught us the three Rs (a lost art) with no fooling around allowed with real punishments (like writing a 1,000 times 'I will not talk in class.') It worked for me after I did it just once."

Editor's Note: The numbers and percentages used in the article were provided directly from the U.S. Census Bureau.

"Several years ago I remember seeing articles in the local papers where the Covington police leadership was bragging about the advanced education degrees that officers were obtaining. I was informed that the city was paying for the degrees, including many master's programs. It was stated that any officer wanting to advance in command leadership at Covington Police had to have an advanced degree. Now I have nothing against the city of Covington paying for their employees' educations as long as it is available to all of them in all departments. Someone told me that there are over 15 officers at Covington Police with a master's degree and many more with bachelor's degrees. In the article on the 18th it states that the chief is making changes to his command staff. Hopefully, the city is utilizing all of the advanced education that is available from the officers inside the department and promoting them."

"To the person who thinks Republicans are stupid: You sound like you might be in teaching. If that is true you should be proud of the gems graduating from Newton County schools. And since you are not happy living in Newton County, move to California with Pelosi and the rest of the nuts."

"I have to admit that granddaddy Mort Ewing, Padawan Tim Fleming and the haplessly naive ... J.C. Henderson compose the most fortunate and haphazardly brilliant trio of local political hacks I have heard of. In 2011 Newton County Commissioners Ewing, Fleming and Henderson conspired to hold ... meetings of no more than two so as to avoid the letter and spirit of the Georgia Open Meetings Act, where they could negotiate on how to spend the $50-plus million of new SPLOST funding. ... (they formed a) 'voting majority block' of three Newton County commissioners so that they decided on how to apportion and distribute over $50-plus million in new SPLOST funding, including millions of dollars for their own pet pork projects. Of course, this would leave the other two Newton County commissioners, Sims and Schulz, voted out of any decisions and, in fact, left them out of any say in the decision process. These facts were made known to all voters well before an affirmation democratic vote on the SPLOST .... and the majority did not care, at least not enough to vote no to Ewing, Fleming and Henderson."

"Another Georgia police officer killed in the line of duty. Where are the comments now about the Covington PD officers making too much? They should all have their pay immediately doubled for placing their lives daily to make our town a better and safer place."

"I am one of the retirees who moved to Covington in the late 1990s. I have been very pleased with the people, the churches, and the merchants. Since I have been here I have seen nothing to praise concerning the Covington Police Department. Their functions should be to prevent crimes, to solve crimes, and protect the citizenry. They seem to be lacking in all of these aspects. They seem to think all they have to do is hold public events and chase movie crews. They seem to have very little 'public trust.' I, for one, would not even report a dog fight to them. They may come back later on and say that I had reported it wrong; that it was really a cat fight and they were going to prosecute me."

"I support the rights of proponents and opponents of the rails to trails argument to civilly debate the merits of their opinions anywhere. But the 'No Rails To Trails' signs littering the county are obnoxious and make our county look like a trailer park. Many of the signs are in the right of way. It is like an election season that never ends and the signs never come down. I wish the topic would be decided with reason, logic, planning and facts rather than with who can litter and deface our county with the most signs."