Officers spot potted marijuana plants during search of home

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

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On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Who waters the plants?

A fight broke out in front of a city residence and the CPD was called. The fighters fled when officers arrived, and witnesses pointed out a particular house where some of the suspects were allegedly hiding. A woman approached the officers and said it was her house. She said she was having a party and some of the attendees had gotten into a fight. She told officers they could go inside to see if any of them were in the house. While inside, one of the officers happened to notice the potted plants -- two 4-foot marijuana plants and one 2-foot plant. There were also plenty of seeds and a quantity of Miracle-Gro plant food nearby. Officers asked the woman who had the green thumb and she reluctantly admitted her husband took care of all the plants. He had apparently fled the residence so she was charged with keeping a disorderly house and cultivating marijuana.

Gas crisis

A woman notified the Covington Police Department that when she parked her vehicle at Newton Medical Center, her gas tank was full. When she went out to move her vehicle a few hours later, the gas door was open, the cap had been removed and the fuel gauge showed the tank was only one-fourth full.

You have to pay?

A taxi driver called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to report a passenger had racked up a $389 fare, but when it came time to pay, he had no money.

Give me the credit

A man called the NCSO to report his tires, valued at $1,090, had been slashed and he had received a phone call from his ex-girlfriend who told him she did it.

Time for recreation

A man notified the NCSO that someone had stolen the following items from him: a canoe, a kayak, and miscellaneous paddles for each.

* A woman reported to the CPD that someone had stolen her dark blue and black bowling ball, which weighs approximately 14 pounds, out of her vehicle. She said her neighbor found the bowling bag with her bowling shoes and several documents still inside.

Let me in

A woman called the NCSO to say her key wouldn't fit into the lock of her house because there was something in the key hole.

The essentials

A woman was arrested in Kmart after she was observed concealing merchandise on her person and attempting to leave the store without paying for it. She had attempted to steal two red bras and a 3-pack of panties.

* A husband and wife team were caught shoplifting at Kmart. He concealed four pairs of ladies underwear in a bag attached to his scooter. She tried to steal two pairs of sandals, one pair of sunglasses and a T-shirt. They purchased a fishing rod, but didn't pay for the other items and were arrested.

* Two women were arrested for shoplifting the following items from Dollar General store: Haynes T-shirts, Haynes boxer shorts (miscellaneous colors), men's socks and deodorant.

Not a good start

NCSO deputies were called to an area home regarding an argument between a woman's daughter and her boyfriend's mother. It seems the boyfriend's mother was being disrespectful to the daughter's mother and the daughter took offense. The daughter's mother said the boyfriend's mother pushed her trying to get to her daughter. After deputies arrived, the boyfriend's mother agreed to leave the home of the daughter's mother.

Merry Christmas

A woman reported to the CPD that her 13-year-old son had broken into her safe and took $1,500 in cash. The boy admitted doing it and said he gave the money away to people he knew at school.

A little keyed up

CPD officers were called to the scene of a car crash and spoke with a woman who said a truck struck the left rear of her vehicle. She said she had attempted to speak with the driver who was "talking very fast and not making much sense." When officers spoke with the woman, they got the same impression and asked her if she was drinking. She said, no, but she had taken "some Loritab and some other stuff." The other stuff turned out to be two Xanax, two Somas and four Ibuprofen tablets. She was arrested.