Newborn considers firearm law

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

NEWBORN -- Newborn officials are working to change an ordinance that allows residents to discharge firearms if they are at least 150 feet from a neighbor's property or the street.

Complaints from residents regarding the ordinance spurred the Town Council to take action.

"We feel there needs to be some sort of restraint for the safety of everybody," Councilwoman Martha Ellwanger said. "The ordinance limits it to so many feet from the road or a neighbor's property. We don't feel that's safe any longer. As we grow, this sort of thing is dangerous, to have citizens standing out in the yard shooting squirrels ... It's not where you're shooting from, it's where you're shooting to. Shooting up into the trees, bullets come down. We're trying to get this resolved. There's still a feeling of 'It's my property, I can do what I want to do on it,' but we're thinking more of safety. All it would take would be one accident. It can happen and it has happened in other communities."

The council was expected to discuss the matter at a called meeting Monday night.

In other news, Dollar General is coming to Newborn in the next few months. The store will locate next to Bess's Place, fronting the east side of Duke Street. Representatives for Dollar General declined to comment for this story.

The town is also set to get a package store behind the Quick Stop gas station. Currently, the gas station is the town's only retail establishment.

Finally, the town is reviving the Hornyhead Fish festival and tournament to commemorate a fish that swims in local streams and grows red horns atop its head during mating season. The festival will take place April 30 and more details will be released at a later date. The festival was a popular attraction when it was first spawned about 30 years ago but has died down in recent years.