Newton Phone Poll - 03-19-11

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"Thank you to all that turned out for the first meeting of Citizens for the Creation of the City of Pace. We will have a follow-up meeting and the public will be invited. Again thanks to the 84 that turned out to help us win our freedom from the BOC. For those interested in joining the city of Pace group their e-mail is cityofpace@ymail.com Facebook page will be set up soon."

"As I sit and watch the things Democrats say and do on TV, I wonder if there is a stupid test you have to take to become a member of that party."

"Fellow non-union retirees, we need to wake up! This president and his administration do not care what happens to us or the elderly. Remember how long it took them to finally pass and sign off on extending the Bush tax cuts? I found out why, when my February pension payment was received. In January, I noticed a slight decrease in the amount of federal withholding. I assumed the extended tax cuts were the reason. Was I in for a shock! My February withholding was over two times what it had been since the original cuts went into effect. When I called my GM Benefit Center, I was told the recently extended cuts did not apply to non-union retirees. How ludicrous is that! I retired from GMAC, the only non-union company affiliated with GM. Obama is obligated to pay back the unions that helped him get elected, so they will be there for him in 2012. Why wasn't the public advised of this exemption? Obama and his transparency — what a joke! Unions will also be given an exemption from the Obamacare fines. I also love the fact that Obama and his administration did not feel Social Security recipients needed a cost of living Increase for the second year in a row. Duh! Have they been to a grocery store or gas station recently? Of course not, they are not living on a fixed income as so many receiving only Social Security are. 2012 is not that far away. True Americans who believe in God and our Constitution need to make sure Obama and his cronies do not get reelected. Prayer is the key. We must peacefully take back our country ... "

"My comment today is I live near Crowell Road off Highway 81. Every day there are hundreds containerized trucks with Glover written on them. I know they are coming out of DeKalb or Fulton county and are going to our landfill. What kind of waste are they hauling? Is it chemical waste? Medical waste or what? There are several issues that are affected by all this extra traffic. Remember when Crowell Road was closed at Harold Dobbs Road when the road was caving in due to the traffic we already had. All this heavy traffic will surely destroy the patch job they did. Will all of these tractor trailers be going by our new high school that will be built on Crowell Road? Do we have enough traffic at Highway 81 and Crowell Road without all these trucks? Who made the decision to have all this waste brought into our landfill? How much money are we receiving from DeKalb or Fulton County? What are we doing with the extra money? Is that what we used to clear the state rep's driveway when it snowed? These comments are not from Pork Chop, Ham Bone, or Possum. These comments are from a concerned taxpaying citizen."

"I picked up the Newton Citizen on Friday, March 4, and I thought the black history month was over with and then I saw that they were going to celebrate the local black history. I was just thinking that I like Thai, but if I eat it 28 days and then if someone wants me to keep eating it, I believe I would be a little upset."

"I'm a regular reader of the Citizen and I enjoy it very much and I appreciate so much my carrier bringing it into my yard because I am not able to walk very far to pick it up. I especially enjoy the religion section on Saturdays, and I look forward to that. I also enjoy Darrell Huckaby columns during the week, and I agree with him wholeheartedly on the green card used in the grocery stores. I am older, in my 80's, lifetime resident of Newton County, and I applied for the green card and I was awarded a big $16 per month card. While recently in line at the grocery store, I saw a woman with two buggy loads loaded down with all kinds of meat in the market and also she paid for it with the green card. She went into the parking lot where she was putting her goodies in a practically new shiny big car. I guess my property taxes pay for her goodies while my children and grandchildren pay for my bread and milk. It is a great way things are handled in Newton County. Vote yes for SPLOST."

"Are city of Covington recycle pick up personnel in such a time schedule that they cannot pick up recyclables they drop and leave on yards and streets or is it just the employees? This does help to make for some of the trash on our city streets."

"This is about the comment of the person who claims to be a Christian talking about could they stop the alcohol sales on Sunday. If you are really a Christian you would know God himself does not like no drinking or alcohol sales on Sunday. Sunday is the Sabbath day and no it is not good to do it. I agree with the people. God bless them for stopping alcohol sales on Sunday. Heck, you got six days a week that is five or six days too many. So think about it."

"We continue to learn nothing from the past. Rep. King is set to become the new Joe McCarthy with the hearings on the radicalization of Islam. This is not fair to Muslim Americans. Radical acts (by whatever group) should be the focus of such inquiries not a particular religion."

"With reference to last week's ‘Bottom Line' post, here is some food for thought.

1. By time you read this post, I for one have already voted no on the SPLOST and my wife did the same.

2. You mentioned in your post the term benefits of these SPLOST projects. But never once attempted an explanation of the benefits, especially in these economic times. For example, it was stated in an early post the ag center would produce revenue but never was it stated it will produce a profit. Anyone can produce revenue, simply sell a good or service, collect the money and ship or provide the service it that equals revenue. But the real benefit is will it return a profit on the investment in a reasonable time frame (that ROI or ROA thing), after construction and daily operating/maintenance/personnel/etc. costs are realized.

3. In the future you may want to consider a very good and time-proven selling technique, used by professional and successful sale people. This is the Feature, Advantage (or Function), Benefit approach. Customers buy Benefits never the Features or Advantages or Functions.

4. Threats (like you stated and I'm now paraphrasing, get out your check books because, we are going ahead with these projects anyway and raise your taxes) to your customers or prospects does not increase one's chance for a nice long, mutually beneficial relationship.

5. FYI I had a career in Sales and Marketing for 41 years and very successful.

"Usually I have a problem in reading the Huckaby columns because he's using a ‘down-home' style of English. However, a recent column on his friend, Jeff Gillespie was excellent. Congrats!"

"The city of Pace is now on twitter Join us twitter@cityofpace"

"I just watched the tape of the inaugural black history celebration. These types of events need to promote black history I agree, at the end when the group sang ‘We Shall Overcome,' I wanted to throw up. Wake-up Janet Goodman, you have overcome, you can go to any school in the nation, you can vote, you have every right under the Constitution as any other American. I do not think Martin Luther King wanted his people to cry about the past on a daily basis. He wanted them to stand up and be a productive member of the United States of America. Move forward, Janet, and stop trying to help just one segment of this county. I had nothing at all to do with slavery, and I don't think anyone alive today did. Let the past go and make the future bright for all people."

"This is in response to the person who continues to complain about the recycle centers being full, and this time you referred to the drivers not doing their jobs. Let me tell you something — a person very close to me is a driver — and I know for a fact that they do their jobs. As a matter of fact, one I know of goes above and beyond to do his job. If the county would keep the appropriate number of drivers to service the recycle centers, and do something about the illegal dumping coming from surrounding counties, it would help the drivers keep up. You need to do your research before you say the drivers don't do their jobs. The drivers for these recycle centers have had their holiday pay cut and haven't received a raise in three years, but your garbage continues to be hauled away ... "

"This is Chop! I want to tell everyone about my recent experiences at the gym lately. First, for those of you who don't know me, one word some would say that describes me is a tall drink of water. Now for me to maintain this physique I must work out a minimum of three days a week. Now I told you that to tell you this story. I'm sure everyone has one of these guys working out at their gym. You know the guy who wears the extra small T- shirt, looks at himself in the mirror, struts around like a rooster, the one who looks around and makes sure you are watching before he starts a new set of repetitions. Now some of us have to be the tall drink of water like the Chop, and I understand that someone must play the role of T-shirt guy. My complaint with the gym is I find myself watching T-shirt guy instead of working out. I tell you a lot of time went into my physique — blood, sweat, tears, hard work. So I would like to start the Get Chop's physique back on track fund. The donations would go toward my very own personal gym at home. This way T-shirt guy can continue his quest at making everyone sick to their stomach and I can continue being a tall drink of water."

"I can't believe there are people out there who still think Obama is responsible for no Social Security cost of living increases. It's a law set up years ago, which makes me wonder when they post any comments about their retirements being taxed more whether they know anything at all. If you're getting a retirement and Social Security, you shouldn't complain about anything. As for praying to change the election, I don't think the Big Guy cares one bit who wins elections, ball games or beauty contests. Try a little humor in your life."

"This Newton County citizen will be keeping an eye open to see if gang activities go on the rise once Sharp Learning Center is closed."

"It was good to see the law showing so much disrespect to 30 Deep, or as I like to call them 30 Geek. Just can't get any respect can you? Well I'll let you in on why you can't. It's because you're not respectable. You have to accomplish something in life to be respectable like becoming a police officer, a preacher, or just a citizen that helps a lady put her mailbox back up after a gang member has knocked it down. I put up a TV antenna last week, now I can pick up ‘Daniel Boone' with Fess Parker. It occurred to me how much more interesting it was than today's shows. Unlike Springer or Oprah, Daniel would cut through the gray and get to the right and wrong. Contrary to Springer or Oprah, Daniel knew that there is very little gray when it comes to right and wrong. If you're a gang member, you're on the side of wrong. You need to get on the side of right, and you will get respect."

"I was very upset on Saturday when I picked up a copy of the Newton Citizen and saw the headlines, Shooting on the Square! At first my heart stopped and I quickly looked at the picture and realized they were filming a TV movie. I think you could have found a better way to explain the picture."

"We name a park after someone put in charge of the SPLOST committee and now there is a pro SPLOST sign in front of that park. Hmmmm. If the sign is on the right of way against the county code and if it was off the right way it would be on public land a clear violation on the county promoting the SPLOST may an ethics investigation should be conducted."

"To the person wondering if there is a ‘stupid test' to be a member of the Democratic Party — no, we don't take stupid people. We leave them for the Republicans. As Forrest's mama says, ‘Stupid is as stupid does' and y'all do some really stupid things. I guess that is only natural though since you guys cut so much money from the education budget, the only thing that gets educated these days is people passing through and they only learn they should be grateful they don't live here."

"Kudos to the Street Department. Today Monday, March 14. They were out to take care of the leaves in the ditches on Odum Street. Did a great job quickly and efficiently. Now we will not have water from the rains standing/flooding the yards. Kudos."

"I live in a subdivision off Brown Bridge Road, and I think we have a couple of the best U.S. Mail men around. Newton County should be proud too have these gentlemen on staff!"

Perhaps we need a little history lesson on ‘drill, baby, drill.' In the '70s we bought 50 percent of our oil abroad; then OPEC had an embargo; President Carter started a ‘save oil' campaign leading to 27 percent dependence in the mid-80s. Now we're at 66 percent, even accounting for the all-out drilling, the BP, Exxon-Valdez disasters, etc. The price of gasoline was manipulated on Wall Street by pension funds and ‘hedge fund gamblers' in 2008 under President Bush until it reached $4.18/gallon. Without any supply shortage, mind you! Exxon and Shell are more than willing to shut down a refinery, for maintenance they say, so they sell us less gas but make more money! And speculators take any war or uprising as a chance to profit from the American need for gasoline. China and India are starting to buy more gasoline so we can expect $5/gallon by this summer. Of the options available, the most sensible is to buy an electric car or take the train. Oops, I forgot, we Georgians like to get stuck sitting in traffic with our SUV gas-guzzler spitting out that $5/gal gas!"

"Don't put up with bullies. If there are any witnesses to such an event, make a police report. Terroristic threats are not tolerated by law for any age group."

"Now that we have lost the SPLOST vote its time for the recall of Mort, Kathy, Tim, and JC. Its time for them to go. Protest your tax bill this year. Look at your property around you. Online you see a $5 to $20 per square foot difference on an average 1,500-square-foot home. You can lower $100 to $200. It is time for the Newton County tax revolt."

"Now that the vote is over I can only hope the Board of Commissioners has learned something. Almost half the people that voted were against the SPLOST mainly because of the ‘pork' that had been added to it. It is time they thought about the good of the entire county instead of the wishes of a few."

"I plan to boycott Newton County because of the SPLOST. I plan to vote with my cash."