Zoning changes on table

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

CONYERS -- City officials talked about changes to a zoning ordinance this week.

The community development committee of the City Council held a public meeting March 10 to discuss changes to its mixed use development ordinance applying to the 424-tract identified as Central Conyers. Central Conyers has been identified as land between West Avenue and Green Street and the Ga. highways 20 and 138 corridor.

Planning and Inspection Services Director Marvin Flanigan said the proposed amendments to the ordinance would increase density. The current ordinance allows 8.7 residential units per net acre and the proposed ordinance would allow 10. Commercial density would go from 15,000 to 30,000 square feet per net acre and the commercial requirements apply to building size. The proposed ordinance would take on the square footage requirements that are already in place.

Flanigan highlighted some areas of the ordinance, including requirements for a homeowners association and exterior requirements. He specifically pointed out a clause that would require parking garages for townhomes.

"Basically, what it's saying is townhouses are required to have parking garages," Flanigan said. "They just can't have pull-in driveway off the street or open parking. It does require a parking garage."

Flanigan also explained the proposed ordinance clarifies just how many units can go on the tract by specifying the building dimensions. The clarification would make sure more units are not on the land than what was intended.

Councilman Marty Jones had a few questions Wednesday about the ordinance, including how many units can go on a tract of land, the setback requirement and possibly increasing the maximum patio size to 100 square feet.

Planners said parts of the ordinance came from what is in place in Lawrenceville, Woodstock and Hapeville.

Last Wednesday's meeting was a work session and the ordinance is still in the draft stage, explained Councilman Gerald Hinesley, who serves as committee co-chairman. The ordinance will come before the full City Council at a later date once it is out of committee.