Authorities: Naked man charged with public indecency

Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell

COVINGTON -- Covington Police arrested a man in front of Walmart on Tuesday night after he was allegedly observed by an officer to be sitting in his automobile completely nude.

According to a CPD incident report, Jonathan A. Bell, 25, of 10116 Magnolia Heights Circle, was arrested and charged with public indecency.

The report states that around 11:15 p.m. the officer spotted a vehicle parked in front of the Garden Center with all four windows down and occupied by a man sitting on the passenger side.

The officer said he used his spotlight on the passenger, who at first didn't respond, but after about 30 seconds put his hand in front of his face to block the light.

The officer states in the report he saw the passenger moving around inside the car and he approached the vehicle from the driver's side.

"I observed the subject was completely naked. I asked the subject what he was doing and he stated, 'Nothing, I am enjoying the cool night air,'" the report states.

The officer said Bell was putting on a pair of underwear and shorts while he was talking with the officer.

"Mr. Bell was parked in the direct vicinity, approximately 100 feet, of two female and one male Walmart employees who were collecting shopping carts during the entire length of time that I was on the scene," the report states.

Bell was taken to the Newton County Detention Center where he was held on $1,000 bond.