Newton Phone Poll - 06-25-11

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"According to the Southern Co. publicist, we are paying the millions of dollars in financing fees to build new nuclear plants. To me, this is illegal, but, since our Georgia Legislature made up a law that said we must pay, it would take a legal mind to prove it. However, it would be unfair and illegal if only Georgians were required to pay. So the question is: Are the citizens in all the states served by Southern Co. being charged a tax/fee for these future nuclear plants? Does the Citizen have the answer?"

"Why can't educators and parents all agree that we need different types of educational opportunities because not one method works for every child? Now, everyone is fighting against each other and ignoring the original goal of educating the children -- public school, public charter schools, private schools, home-schooled. Some children excel in one environment while others thrive in another."

"Have the county commissioners taken a pay cut for unpaid holidays, too?"

"In response to the people who wrote about my complaints to the city about Covington Mills. Our church has made many attempts to help out with the house I am referring to, but it is very hard to deal with (this resident). The manager over the city informed me that he has been turned over to an attorney to handle his case, but he refuses to cooperate. The man is living with no electricity and no running water ... His brother, who owns the house, lives in another state and the neighbors wrote to him about the problem ... . As for the tall grass, the house in question has at least two able-bodied young men living there because I saw them outside the house talking. None of these houses have elderly nor single mothers living there. About the remark about feeling ashamed about complaining about the tall grass, what this reader does not realize is that the majority of these houses are owned by people who live in town and are rented out. I'm sure these 'landlords' can afford to cut the grass and take care of these houses. I am sure they would if it were in their neighborhood! I am tired of these people owning homes and never doing anything to them. It is they who should be ashamed for the living conditions some of their renters are having to live in. We are more than willing to help out in the community, but the owners should take responsibility for their property. The main reason for this article is the fact that the people who work in the city and are paid to do a certain job are not fulfilling the requirements to which they are getting paid. If the readers who made a comment about my article are content with paying city officials who do not do their jobs, then they have a problem. I am not willing to paid for a job not done! I also was raised in the '60s as the reader was, but things have changed. It is no longer safe in some instances to approach homes in this neighborhood nor some in others." neighborhoods.

"I just don't understand. The governor passes a law about illegals (people who sneak into a country) and then those very people go downtown to protest. Why not just become a citizen? Because! That would require them to pay taxes. And become a true American. Have any of you that back these people ever read the oath that these people would have to recite. Take a look. It's great. they would also have to pledge their loyalty to this country. Heck. there are a lot of citizens that are not loyal to this country. 'Melting pot.' People from many different cultures living under one system. Not one country with many cultural laws. If you don't love this country for what it was built on, then go back to your country. If you want to support this one and become a law-abiding American, then welcome."

"To the individual who referred to me as a whiner because I complained about the Covington Post Office, you mentioned that you have been in Covington for 15 years and use the Post Office frequently and go there at least three times a week. I have lived here 57 years and go every day except Sunday to retrieve my mail. You stated the only time you ever had a long wait is at Christmas time or when customers fill out the shipping info at the desk. Maybe we go at different times of the day, I need your schedule. You also stated that the people working the customer service desks, Brian, Kathy and Dorothy, are always friendly, professional. I haven't seen the professionalism exhibited by all the employees you named. In fact, my wife and I have discussed one of the aforementioned individual's rude behavior toward customers in the past. You proceeded to tell me about the various things I can do online, even suggesting buying scales to weigh packages. I am aware of the services offered by the USPS and actually attempted to send my inoperable DVR back by UPS and was informed by their representative that it came with a return postage for the good old USPS. Now I have nothing against any of the postal employees. It is the lack of service I do have a problem with. Another reader wanted to enlighten me about union protocol using some examples: carriers cannot sell stamps or money orders, managers cannot do anything other than write, custodians can only clean, thus enlightening me that postal workers are union employees and therefore cannot 'cross crafts' even went on to push the blame all the way to the White House. You aptly stated 'The next argument will be poor management.' I say it is what it is. We are all entitled to our opinions, I've stated mine."

"You voted for SPLOST to keep your property taxes from going up and now a property tax increase is being considered by the Board of Commissioners. Well those who voted yes, pat yourselves on the back, great job of getting the voters out."

"Thanks Newton Medical Center for turning my 78-year-old mom's account over to a collection agency. This has never happened to her before. When I went with her to find out why, because she pays her bills religiously, we found that she had 10 individual bills and although she has being paying every month this one bill wasn't paid on for two months. Shame on you for treating the elderly in such a way. She is devastated, but you have helped me to convince her to allow me to handle her bills when dealing with the hospital. You would have thought when she goes to the hospital to pay her bill someone would have alerted her to the fact that she had one bill out of the 10 that was delinquent."

"I've noticed lately that some of my entries haven't been chosen for print (I know there's a space limitation) but, I hope the paper's reluctance to print my stories (no... facts) like 1) Vandalizing foreclosed-on homes, 2) The lack of parental involvement as being a true cause of low student test scores, 3) Young people sitting at home watching 'Jerry Springer' and ignoring all the televised school offerings (probably because they make more money on unemployment and other government programs, 4) Poorly spent SPLOST funds that often show favoritism from and for the higher ups, and sadly, the list goes on and on ..... Today, I was prompted to send in this message because I received the renewal for my subscription in the mail. I'll keep renewing and reading the paper (mainly because I like the poll, the crossword puzzles and wedding pictures of students I once taught), but I do have this concern: Printed at the beginning of every poll, the Citizen is careful to point out that the entries don't reflect the opinions of the paper. Nor, should they. But, I do hope that its choice of poll entries (within reason) does not hinge on the opinions of a 'select few.' That is, of course, if this truly is our Citizen Poll."

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"I know the poll is usually full of negative comments. I want to have something positive posted. I want to thank all LEO, firefighters, EMS (all agencies) and military personal (all branches) for their service. You are all angels in God's eyes and heroes in ours. Thank you for all you do everyday!"

"Malicious bureaucracy seems to be the term used to describe Newton County, Ga., by our neighbors. Outside attorneys say, 'You have your own little country down there,' refusing to take cases in the Alcovy Circuit. Enabled by the Board of Commissioners, projects of no use to the masses, whose purpose is solely to enrich and 'please' the wealthy, and decisions made by those individuals behind closed doors are the norm. Corruption and profiteering by the insiders is rampant, although the puppeteers believe no one notices although a passionate hostility exists toward those individuals. A few more such projects like the Bear Cheek Reservoir and the five county industrial park will bankrupt the county and expose those responsible for their acts and actions. And it cannot come too soon."

"I am really not surprised that no one from your paper returned my calls on the article write up that needed to be done on a middle school athlete that made the state all-star football team. I mean we would much rather hear about how many drug busts and convicts that we have living around us. I think its time to hire a few good editors and retire the old ones. Some of us want to hear about positive role models in our town. Not reasons that we wish we lived somewhere else."

"Response to the poll posted on the BOE super moving back to Louisiana. A few of us knew this when he first went to work. It's all in their plan over at the Newton BOE. In case you haven't noticed Newton is turning in to 'DeKalb' very quickly. We are letting it take place, though. It's a shame this whole county is falling apart. It is hard to raise my boys in the same town I grew up in and know that it will soon be like living in the 'hood.' They won't run me off though. Soon enough someone will save us. God sees it all."

"I was wondering if anyone can answer this question for me. I just got my renewal for my car registration and it went up. I was under the impression that as your car gets older the price of registration is to go down. I have called the tag office many times and have not got a return call. So can anyone tell why it went up?"

"I think that it is time to do away with the 'SPLOST' that was voted in a couple of months ago. We were told that if the 'SPLOST' were voted in, that property taxes would not increase. But I see the 'SPLOST' got voted in and they are still trying to increase property taxes! What a rip off! I did not vote for the 'SPLOST' because all of the projects that were on the list were outrageous. We do not need anymore parks to keep up, no more bike or walking trails and nothing else to beautify Newton County. What we need is some new commissioners that are looking out for the taxpayers, not themselves! We need commissioners that will concentrate on the fixing and widening of roads, and new businesses brought in so that new tax dollars can be brought in. Salem Road is a circus and an accident waiting to happen. I see that the Rockdale SPLOST has mentioned the widening of Salem Road down to the Newton County line. So that means that Newton County needs to step up and widen Salem road on down to where is runs into Highway 81. So get out there folks when election time rolls around and let's vote in all new commissioners! In with the new and out with the old!"

"Is Obama a Christian? No. I don't believe so. The left-wing media who obviously ADORE and Worship at his feet make sure anything to discredit him is left out of the news. How many Americans were told he spoke at a Gala at a Gay Community fund raiser in New York City this week? He will also host a Gay Pride dinner at the White House on June 29, 2011. He obviously does not follow the Bible's teachings. All he cares about is having the gay and lesbian communities behind him in 2012. Votes are all he cares about, that is the reason he went to Puerto Rico. He also wants the Latinos behind him. He plans to pass, behind closed doors and probably in the middle of the night, as he did with the Obamacare, a presidential pardon (amnesty) for all the illegals in this country. Wake up America! This president does not care about our great country. All he cares about is his own personal agenda to bring America down from within! Look at the damage he has done to us in two and a half years... we cannot allow him to have another four!... "

"I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about Sunday alcohol sales. How many days a week do you alcoholics need to buy y'all's beer? You got six days a week already. Sunday alcohol sales shouldn't even be legal. People need to straighten up. We are in a drought. We need to pray for rain and for God to heal this nation instead of worrying about stupid people worrying about buying alcohol on Sundays. That should be the least of people's worries. This U.S.A. is in the gutter. He needs bad help and only God can give it."

"I read in the Saturday Citizen where J.C. Henderson is wanting to buy more land. Here we are in a crisis in Newton County. People getting laid off, people losing their homes, taxes need to be increased on their homes to keep the people working. He does not need to buy any more land. He is only thinking about his selfish self. What good is it going to do to buy more land when people are going to be losing their homes and jobs. They need to get rid of some of these county commissioners riding around in these county cars using county gas. Mrs. Morgan needs to be over the county commissioners she needs to be a county commissioner that takes care of the whole business, not depend on these so-called individual county commissioners. She needs to be the head one to say yes or no."

"I was calling about the comments in the poll regarding the African-American men and all the crime they do. I just want to say I couldn't agree with them more. I have been seeing that coming on for a long time and it just gets worse and worse. He is not the only one that sees that."

"Does anybody care that the chairman of the Water and Sewer Authority that just raised our water rates doesn't even reside in Newton County!"

Editor's note : If you are talking about Chairman Kathy Morgan who is the chairman of the Board of Commissioners, she resides in Newton County. If you are talking about the chairman of the board of the Water & Sewerage Authority Jimmy French, he resides in Newton County as well.

"Can someone please, tell me why the mayor, council and commissioners in this area only care about what they want and their private pocketbooks? How many times does the rails to trails have to be discussed? The majority of the citizens do not want it, but they (commissioners, mayor and council) continue to discuss it and bicker back and forth. How many of them would want it if it was going to be in their back yards. There are more important and pressing issues they need to be concerned with. How can a mayor and council vote for themselves a raise when their employees (the ones who do all the hard work and put in the long hours) haven't gotten a raise in three years. What is happening? Will we continue to put these same people back in office? When it comes time to vote, think back over each one of their years of service and see what they have done to help the community and make it a better place."