Alcovy hard at work in summer heat

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

COVINGTON -- A positive aspect that has already come out of Alcovy's summer football practice is that the guys are not quitters and they are not afraid of hard work.

"I've been impressed with the commitment of the kids and their effort. They come with a sense of work," Tigers head coach Kirk Hoffman said. "Their work ethic has been outstanding."

Also giving the Alcovy coaching staff hope for the next season is the Tigers' success in the various passing leagues. Besides preforming well at the University of Georgia's 7-on-7 league, they have also done well twice while participating at Spalding with one more passing league left.

Besides the team passing well, a few players have already stepped up and shown what they're capable of providing for the team.

"Kinard Murray has a had a real good summer for us. I've been real pleased with his effort. I've been real, real pleased with Tre Sorrells and what he's done. He continues to surprise me and getting better," Hoffman said. "I've been pleased with the big kids. They've gone out and battled the heat pretty good. Overall, I'm pretty pleased."

Two players that are not consistently at practice are Devon Edwards and Tristen Payne.

Edwards is spending his summer indoors on the basketball court, and Payne is on the baseball field. Even though they're not practicing with the rest of the team, Hoffman is not concerned. All he really cares about is making sure that they are doing something to improve as an athlete.

"My opinion is that you have to work with the other sports. I'm always going to work with a guy that wants to play as many sports as he can. One of the things we've done at Alcovy as an athletic department is that we work in sharing athletes," Hoffman said. "People miss the fact that there are a lot of college coaches that come in and ask, "Do they do other sports?" A lot of your good athletes are two- or three-sport athletes. I'm not sold on specializing. There's the pros and cons to it.

"The thing about high school athletics that we have to keep in mind is that once a kid graduates, for most kids, that part of their life is over. If you miss some things because you didn't participate in them you can't go back and say I wish I had been a part of this or a part of that. Maybe I'm kind of old school, but I'd like to see a kid get all they get out of high school."