Newton Poll 06-18-11

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"To the person that called me bubba, just wanted to let you know I made a typing error in my statement, one line should have read 'the point I was trying to make is that it has not eased up the traffic flow during rush times.' Also traffic is still backed up to Kmart during rush hour. If I make a mistake, I will be the first to admit it, but I will be willing to bet our county officials would not. Just wait a few years when traffic has increased in Newton County, they will be removing the traffic circle and spending more of your taxes. By the way, the traffic circles in Europe sometimes have more that one lane."

"Why would Chair Morgan think she could give away hundreds of thousands of DOT dollars (like we don't need that money to fix our roads) that belong to the county without a vote by the commissioners? She, like Mayor Carter, is obsessed with buying the railroad for a walking trail no matter what lines they have to cross. Was it even legal? What is it going to take to get their attention? The council and the commission, on behalf of their constituents, have voted not to buy the railroad! Doh!"

"Hey there Chop, try and plant some Leyland cypress, these will work real well in blocking your view of tanning boy. If that does not work go with 'if you can't beat them join them.' One more thing, how does this sound, 'Chop 2012.' Throw your name in the running. I would love to be your campaign manager. If running for president does not suit you, how about mayor of Covington, or run against Chairwoman Morgan?"

"To the Post Office patron: that sole window clerk you see may be the only union worker available to help customers. Postal workers are union employees and therefore cannot 'cross crafts.' For example: carriers cannot sell stamps or money orders, Managers cannot do anything other than write, custodians can only clean. The next argument will be poor management. The truth is the Postal Service has cut back to bare bones staffing in many offices and even moved most if not all Newton County carriers into the Covington Annex. But hey, keep voting for the political hacks that cater to the union lobbyists (White House). You may not have to worry about the line at the Post Office because it will be closed."

"Drove around Covington and Newton County today (06-11) and found out that those people with those 'I Heart Trails' and 'No Rails To Trails' signs have a lot in common with those who still have those 'pretty' icicles hanging from their gutters or Christmas wreaths hung on the house ... they are still out and Christmas is over and the Board of Commissioners and city of Covington voted 'thumbs down' a while ago. Guess the Pony Express rider hasn't delivered the news yet to those sign activists. Or maybe there is some real connection to those Christmas-decorations-still-up folks."

"To the whiner about the Covington Post Office. I've lived here in Covington for 15 years and use the Post Office frequently. The last three years I go there at least three times a week. The only time I've ever had a long wait is at Christmas time or when customers fill out the shipping info at the desk. The people working the customer service desks, Brian, Kathy and Dorothy, are always friendly, professional. Further, I realize they have to take their breaks on a given schedule. Often they must leave the front desk and go to the back to find a certified letter or mail that has been held because a stop delivery was requested by a someone. It is OK to talk while looking for something (multi tasking, but it is not a real good idea to talk on the cell and driving.) Back on track, it is conceivable that one of the three front desk people may be off that day, they only work five days a week and the Post Office is open 5.5 days. This means one of the three will be off three of the 5.5 days. Add to that they work and earn vacation days and this is the time of year they go on vacation. Hiring more people certainly will not help the Post Office be more profitable or reduce their losses. But here are some suggestions to avoid waiting: 1. You say you pay a Post Office bill online. You can buy your postage online too and often save money. You may need to invest in a scale (found mine at a garage scale for $5) so you can weigh your packages. I always add three to four extra ounces to avoid the package being sent back for insufficient postage -- those expensive digital scales the Post Office uses will catcha' trying to bet the system. 2. You can get boxes at no charge from the Post Office for 'free' primarily Priority Mail boxes. The regional priority mail boxes A and B work for me 90 percent of the time (and like the flat rate boxes you don't need to weight the contents -- unless it is close to exceeding the max weight) ... "

"RE: The person from the 6/11/2011 posting who claimed 'I don't understand the resistance of authorities in Georgia to outlaw pit bulls.' You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but there are many of us who are responsible pet owners, who know how to properly raise and manage pit bull terriers. I use the word manage, as too many people (unfortunately) think that owning a dog means sticking it in the back yard, perhaps on a chain, and only giving it some attention when it's time to water or feed it. Pit bull terriers, like any dog, require time, attention and training from their owner. As with any pet on a chain, left unattended, they can quickly become territorial of their area, and yes, they can attack those who enter into it. That's standard dog behavior, whether you are talking about a pit bull terrier or a poodle. Yes, a poodle's bite is not as damaging to a human, but they can be just as aggressive, given the same upbringing. Adults unfortunately are too quick to blame a dog for biting a child. I am quite sure that in a majority of cases, the child was left momentarily unattended, and the child did as kids do ... they pull ... they hit ... they climb. A dog's manner to stop action they don't appreciate is to growl. Most small kids do not understand or interpret the growl, continue their behavior, and as a last result, the dog bites. It's the equivalent of standing up to a bully, if you think about it. The sad part is that the 'victim' (dog of any breed) can easily do damage to a child, and when this happens, instantly the dog is deemed to be a dangerous animal by society. I am not at all in favor of the ban of the breed. Yes, they can be dangerous, as can any canine. In a majority of cases though, animal bites come from (1) irresponsible ownership and management (2) unattended children or (3) a combination of the both. Don't punish the breed for stupid behavior from adults. Let the burden of punishment fall where it should -- on the hands of the owners who have failed their pets."

"To the person that continues to gripe about the home/homes in Covington Mills: Has the church checked to see if perhaps an elder lives in the home and can't maintain the grass or the owner is sick? Where are the youth groups? When I was raised in the '60s, we helped older home owners maintain their homes and yards. Some of these folks just can't do the physical work and do not have funds to pay and/or relatives still alive to help with the work. It would certainly be a great youth project."

"I live within the city limits of Covington and have noticed in my neighborhood many stray cats. I counted seven between my home and a neighbor's. Now we have a litter underneath my house, I know because of the meowing that constantly goes on. I posted here a couple of years ago my frustration with animal control because they require you to pick up a trap and when you catch an animal you are then responsible for taking it out to the shelter. What am I paying taxes for? Covington officials are condemning folks' homes in these bad economic times but are letting the stray animals run wild. That's why I not only work but play the lottery because I am trying to leave this zoo. I called animal control Friday, June 10, at 10:15 a.m. and no answer, but the answering machine did tell me that someone should have been there."

"I am a resident and property owner of Newton County and have grave concerns regarding the property tax increase being considered at this time by the Board of Commissioners. During these economic times when all business is experiencing severe cutbacks and property values have tumbled in our county, it is no time to even consider tax increases. Spending must be reduced on any non-critical or duplicate programs to avoid any tax increase."

"You turn on the morning news and it says a middle-aged African American man was arrested for armed robbery, home invasion, smash and grab or selling drugs. You pick up any local paper and you read the same thing. There seems to be a pattern here. Does anyone else see it?"

"I attended a softball tournament at Turner Lake Park and was saddened by what took place. The Recreation Department employee who is over the program was coaching a team, maybe there were not enough coaches? If this is allowed, umps should be brought in who are not familiar with any coach. I do not believe that this employee in any way wanted to influence this umpire, he is a great person, but for some reason this ump felt a need to make some questionable calls. No ump will ever please everyone, but when someone said to him 'just call the same on both sides,' he turned and threatened to throw him out of the park. One grandmother summed it up when she said we are the adults and how can we ever teach our children to do their best and play fair when they see this happening. These were not small children but teenagers who knew exactly what was taking place."

"This is an answer to a comment about cleaning up near the church at Covington Mills. Has this person ever thought to ask why these people haven't cut their grass, and if they might need help doing so? Our church isn't perfect, but does things in the community to help people rather than complain. Maybe they are old or sick and cannot cut the grass, or maybe they are a single mom with no money for a lawn mower and is just grateful right now for a place to call home for her and her kids. Others are quick to condemn and slow to help. I actually would be ashamed to make this remark about having to 'look at tall grass' when coming to the church! I'm certain Jesus would have forgiven an unkept yard if the kids are fed and clothed ... what about you?"

"Whatever did we do to deserve the bike assault? For those of us who travel and live near Elks Club Road and Dixie Road and 213 are plagued with masses of bike riders who have come in and set up tents on the rights of way and thrown trash and bottles in our yards. Spending the night in tents on a public right of way. Is that even legal? These violations of public law are obviously condoned by Commission Chairman Kathy Morgan and the Newton County Board of Commissioners. I wish they were in her driveway. Are these people above the law? Elks Club Road is a dangerous route within itself without allowing such foolishness to be added to the existing dangers. Who on earth made this crazy decision? Somebody needs a brain transplant. Get them off our roads! Freeloaders coming in here making a mess for us to clean up. Using our roads making them more dangerous than they already are. Why don't they go to the horse park or a state park? Probably because it isn't free!"

"Our county's current unemployment rate is at 11.5 percent. Our county may have to take a loan out just to run day-to-day operations until property tax receipts begin coming in in September. The county is in the midst of its budget process and is looking at what its options are to manage a shortfall in revenue -- raising taxes; charging fees for some services; laying off up to 80 employees. And somebody is worried about where county employees cross the street. Come on! Really? Aren't there bigger issues to worry about?"

"Earlier this week ABC news did a story on the congressman who has been caught sending sex messages to women. They said he was addicted to sex and that one in 17 people were addicted to sex. I say there is no such thing. There are just people who have no morals, no values and no self control. Haven't we all , at some time in our lives, wanted to do something that was wrong, but we didn't do it because it was wrong. Ever since we integrated the schools in the early '60s morals, values and self control have gone down the tubes along with the education of our young people If people don't start abiding by God's word, I don't know what is going to become of this country and the world as a whole."