Newton Poll - 06-04-11

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"I agree with the writer about Obama not caring about the United States. He's gone to Africa and here and there. I myself don't think he's no dang American neither. I agree with them — need to get him out of there, impeach him or whatever because he is going to put this United States in the poor house. I believe that is what he wants to do. He ain't no American. And about the roundabout, I don't really see what people complain about. It's a whole lot better than all those stop signs and red lights over there at Turner Lake Road. It might cost a lot to build them, but I think they are all right."

"I just read a Newton Citizen concerning the commissioner wanting to raise the millage rate yet again, and I feel sure it is well above the state mandate which would require a ... public meeting before they raise it again. It seems this always falls on the homeowners to pay the majority of taxes. I have a good suggestion: let's put liquor sales, beer and wine on a referendum for the rest of the county which is dry and then the county, like Henry County and a number of others, will be able to bring in some tax revenue from that ... the upside of that would also be that we would get some nice restaurants in the outlying areas of the county where we really have none. It's antiquated not to have liquor by the drink in these times and ages."

"Dr. Matthews does not have to hire a consultant to find out what is wrong with Newton County schools. All he has to do is ask the parents who are trying to get an education for their children. I have an eighth-grader at Veterans Memorial Middle School, and I am fed up with what goes on in her school. She has been bullied by a boy this year who has even called her profane names. When I talk to the school about it, I am told that he doesn't mean any harm, he comes from a bad background, and doesn't know any better. I attended the eighth-grade picnic, and quickly decided to take my child home. Not only was it held in the hottest part of the day, it was wild and out of control. There was very little supervision, and the students were using very vulgar and profane language. Some of the boys were pulling at girls' shirts, and putting ice in the front of them, and in their pants. On Saturday night when I took her to the eighth-grade dance I was furious. After rules were laid down about appropriate dress, the majority of the students came half dressed. One of the girls had on a dress that was cut low in front (to her navel), and it was so short that it was vulgar. Shame on the parents as well for allowing this. Children: If rules are not enforced, how are they going to learn acceptable behavior? When a teacher is absent, and a class is left with only the teacher in the class next door to check on them, how are they going to be successful? Teachers, administrators, and parents need to quit turning their heads the other way, and regain control before it's too late!"

"Rock Star Obama really cares, doesn't he? Not! He flew to Ireland to check out his family's Irish heritage? Who cares? Americans are dying and losing everything. No! He doesn't care! Wake up America! We do not need this rock star anymore! We need someone who cares more for Americans than himself. He goes to England and doesn't even know the protocol (one does not make a speech while their National Anthem is being played), the Queen had to shush him just like a little misbehaved child. Why was that? It was because he is the chosen one, he could care less. He should feel overlooked because he wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding. Why should he have been, considering his lack of sense, sending the bust of Churchill back and giving the Queen some of his speeches (like she would really care). This just shows how little he knows about anything. He is an embarrassment to the United States. This president has been bowing to all the leaders of the Middle East but throwing Israel under the bus! When does this idiocy stop? Proud Americans — End this in 2012! God bless America and all her people!! The choice is ours! We can make the difference! End this Obama monarchy! Vote him out in 2012! We can — we must!"

"Let me see if I got this straight. 1) Volunteer firefighters can train during an abandoned house burn down. 2) Paid firefighters, Newton County firefighters, cannot train with the volunteers because there is not enough training funds. 3) Yet, Commissioner Tim Fleming got the last SPLOST option passed, including building a new $1.2-plus million fire station in the north part of the county, but the NCFS cannot staff nor train firefighters to man the station."

"I was going to comment on the jerk talking negative about LEOs (sounds like someone been in trouble with the law) but I won't waste my time. But what I would like to comment on is: Thank you for the traffic light at Highway 212 and Oak Hill. It's long time coming. While going to work on May 25 in my vehicle, I observed a vehicle blowing the red light there in which someone traveling in another direction just crossed the intersection. Really people, slow down and pay attention before you hurt someone!"

"I am fascinated by the total lack of fiscal responsibility by government. This week we are told that Newton County's income is lower, so they need to raise the millage rate or employees will be let go. OK. When my household income is lower, I have to decide what needs to be cut in order to keep living within budget. Wouldn't it be nice for a local government to do the same? I do not care if we ‘have always had ... ‘;. The point is — if we don't have the money, we don't need ... From someone who has not had a raise in the past eight years, I have zero sympathy for county employees complaining of the low cost of living increase. It is called, you are thankful you have a job, do your best, and live within your budget."

"This if for the individual that wrote in saying that the roundabouts are a waste of the taxpayers money. What's wrong, bubba? Has the circle with four openings in it got you confused. You go in the opening that is in front of you and then go out the one that best suits your direction, that's if you have any direction in life. Now is that so hard? It will be easier for others also if you use your signals when you get to the opening you want to go out. That's the lever that comes out the left side by the thing you use to turn the car. You move it up for right turns and down for left. Have a good day and may all your intersections be circular ones. Bye now."

"When I read what the person wrote about Veterans Memorial Middle School, I thought about when I was in school. If you did not follow the dress code, your parents were called to come get you. If you bullied someone you were not sent to alternative school, you where expelled for several weeks. Also if you wonder why these young thugs are like they are, just look at their parents or parent. I would be willing to bet that the troublemakers are from single parent homes. As for the bully that they say means no harm, well you will be reading about him or her in the news one day. It's time that parents take back the schools and demand better. One more thing — I am a war veteran and do not think the name Veterans Memorial Middle School should be the name for that school. It dishonors all veterans. As for the dance, if a student showed up dressed like a street walker, they should have not let her in. I also do not think middle schools should be having dances. We did not have dances until high school and then only during football season and after the game or the Junior-Senior Prom. Parents stop wanting your kids to grow up too fast, let them be kids."

"I am so tired of making complaints and getting no response from the code enforcement officer for the city. Maybe the area that used to be Covington Mills is not important to them, but we go to church there and always have. Many of these homes have grass and weeds knee high. The county code enforcement officers make sure that the people cut their grass. Why is the city officer not doing his job? I would like to know if he would let the area of his church look like this? I think not. Our pastor has to live across from a home that should be condemned. We have a home behind the church that should be condemned and no person should have to live in it, but the city refuses to do anything. Our county officers do their job so why is it that the city can't do the same? ... It is sad that we can't get anything done in this area. We have many taxpayers that go there and live all over the county and we are tired of the mess!"

"I know that I am forgetful from time to time. But isn't this week's poll (Saturday, May 28) a virtual repeat of the poll for Saturday 21?"

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"This is Chop! Boy do I have a story for you this week; I call this story the man upstairs is not real funny. OK, first the chop has moved. Settle down now, I just moved one street over. I have told the story about my half-naked Asian neighbor smoking a cigarette in the mornings; well he would be my ex- neighbor now. The eight years I lived next to him was very interesting and that experience will be unforgettable. I recently moved one street over. I thought throughout the move how it would be nice to go outside and not be faced with a half-naked Asian staring at me. So I'm all moved in my new place. It's during the day, hot outside, and I go around back to assemble my grill. And right in my back yard, the house directly behind me, is a grown man tanning and rubbing oil on his upper torso. This is the moment where I stop in my tracks and look way up in the sky and I say to him, ‘You are not very funny, sir!' I mean what in the world. Is there some sort of conspiracy against the Chop? Just when I thought I got away from the crazy neighbors, well think again. Now I have tanning boy in my back yard. So does anyone have any suggestions on a fence or planting trees for a natural barrier?"

"Dr. Mathews' aunt just happening to have his resume to submit to Louisiana is unbelievable. Georgia school systems have bought into the state school superintendent's ideas, and most have led to more problems. And of course these ‘idea people' are long gone. Locally, Mathews cuts staff left and right, creating immense problems for those teachers who really teach, and then he departs to Louisiana for a cushy job. The buck stops with the students, who are guinea pigs for ‘another' way to learn the fundamentals — and it's not working."

"First of all I would like to thank the Georgia Highway Department for their paving North 81 through Oxford so good. It sure was nice to ride down the road through Oxford without hitting a pothole or a lead plate they had put over a hole the Oxford employees had made. The state crew did a real good job redoing the highway. I applaud them even if half their crew was Latinos. One week after here comes the hole in the same place. Now the metal plates are back. I think one of the employees must own a front end alignment shop or a tire store."

"I agree with the people about breast feeding. It ain't no big deal. What is a big deal is the perverts that walk around with the pants hanging down your backside, and all you sissy boys with your long hair and wearing pink. ... "

"Yes, the roundabout on Turner Lake Road is very cute, very classy. It looks just great going up into Clark's Grove area (wonder how that happened?) I wonder if the Citizen would be so good as to provide your readers with a comparative cost facts. How much did the roundabout cost versus putting in a additional turning lane and traffic light arrow. By the way, what a misfortune for the writer who had to sit and wait through a traffic light when no one was there. How very sad. If the Porterdale people would like to have a roundabout let the Porterdale taxpayers pay for it. In this day and age we can't afford to pay for cutesy; we can barely afford to pay for necessary."

"I feel very conflicted by the news that Gary Mathews, our Newton County school superintendent, after less than a year on the job is considering going back to Louisiana where all his family resides and where he has spent a good deal of his working life. I think about the considerable cost to the taxpayers and the time put in by our local officials interviewing and screening many candidates for the superintendent position. Seems like it would be embarrassing and awkward to call some of them back now and offer them the position. It seems ludicrous to believe that his aunt, unbeknown to him, sent his resume and entire employment detail to the Louisiana Board of Education without his knowledge or consent."

"I love dogs and have two myself. However, there is someone behind the Oak Hill subdivision with numerous dogs barking all the time. Can't even go outside any time of the day without listening to all the dogs barking. If you don't have time to take care of them, please find homes for them. They sound like they are being neglected."