KCRB holds recycling drive for electronics

CONYERS — Remember when VCRs and fax machines were an integral part of daily life? Not anymore. Now with the capability to upload and send documents or even view movies from a laptop or cellphone, these items — and much more — are quickly becoming obsolete and simply collecting dust.

Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful will offer an opportunity to get rid of these items, and make room for the newest technology. KCRB will host an e-recycling drive from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 11, in the parking lot of the Assembly Hall, behind the Board of Commissioners offices.

"This is the public's way to protect Earth the KCRB way and recycle their own electronics," said Mike Kessler, chairman of KCRB.

If you go

• What: Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful e-Recycling drive.

• How: People can get rid of old electronic equipment, including computers and monitors, to keep heavy metals found in them from polluting the air and water if dumped in landfills or incinerators. For a $10 fee, people can bring televisions for recycling as well.

• When: Saturday, June 11, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

• Where: Parking lot of the Assembly Hall, behind the Board of Commissioners offices, at 962 Milstead Ave., Conyers.

• For more information: Contact Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful at 770-929-4076 or kcrb@rockdalecounty.org.

KCRB is partnering with Atlanta Recycling Solutions, which will take the items brought for the e-recycling drive and dispose of them.

The following items will be accepted for the drive:

• Personal and laptop computers;

• Floppy disk drives;

• CD-ROMs;

• Circuit boards;

• PC power supplies;

• Keyboards;

• Computer mice;

• Monitors;

• Printers;

• Fax machines;

• Copiers;

• Stereos/VCRs/CD players;

• Typewriters;

• Test equipment;

• Networking equipment;

• Modems;

• UPS batteries;

• Cellphones;

• Telephones;

• Scanners;

• Microwaves; and

• Cables.

For a $10 fee, people can bring televisions for recycling as well.

The following items will not be accepted for recycling:

• Console/projection televisions;

• Washers and dryers;

• Vacuum cleaners;

• Humidifiers and dehumidifiers;

• Refrigerators and freezers;

• Car batteries;

• Toaster ovens;

• Gas-powered and battery-powered tools;

• Tires;

• Blenders;

• Household trash;

• Mixers; and

• Ovens.

Kessler said KCRB was recently reactivated and has a renewed dedication to hosting a number of recycling events throughout the year.

"We're planning to do something different each month for residents to take part in and help Rockdale County," he said.

Kessler said the KCRB board members — Maryalyce Phillips, Bonnie Ward, Jerry Shepperd, Josue DeJesus and Carl Morgan — take a proactive stance toward keeping the community beautiful.

"Our board members look around the community on a weekly basis to look for areas that need assistance — like graffiti or tennis shoes on telephone wires indicating drug activity — and we make calls to get it cleaned up," Kessler said.

"There are just a lot of little things to do to keep Rockdale clean and beautiful," he said.

For more information about KCRB's e-recycling event, call Mike Kessler at 678-378-1710.