CPD to use new precinct

CONYERS — The Conyers Police Department will operate a precinct from the Conyers Housing Authority property on Irwin Bridge Road.

City Manager Tony Lucas presented to the City Council for approval Wednesday a lease agreement between the Housing Authority and the city for a satellite office of the CPD at 1258 Irwin Bridge Road.

"This is a lease agreement for zero dollars," Lucas said.

The Police Department will operate special operations, internal affairs and community outreach at this facility. It will serve as a place for police officers to stop to eat a meal or take a break, he said. The Youth Against Violence program will also operate from there.

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office had previously used this building as a precinct. Sheriff Jeff Wigington said he is continuing to pursue a permanent precinct location on the south side of the county.

Currently, the RCSO has a precinct that operates out of a trailer behind the Honey Creek shopping center.

Lucas said the CPD is planning to move into the Irwin Bridge Road facility by the end of the month.

In other news, the City Council held a public hearing on new district lines drawn as a result of reapportionment after the 2010 census.

Conyers officials must redraw district lines and have them approved by the Department of Justice before the municipal general election in November.

The lines are drawn so that they represent as close to 3,309 residents per council member district and so that black residents are not disenfranchised, as stipulated under the federal Voting Rights Act of 1964.

The city must also make sure that the new boundaries do not dramatically change the racial make-up of each district. Three out of the four council districts are majority black.

Only one resident spoke at the public hearing Wednesday. Lew Belcher asked the City Council to define the city limits and asked whether city residents have an opportunity to vote on these lines as well as the ones in the unincorporated portions of Rockdale County.

Mayor Randy Mills said the city limit boundaries were not affected by the reapportionment. Councilman Marty Jones said the public does not vote on the redrawn district lines. He said city residents elect individual council members, who vote on city ordinances, just as county residents elect commissioners who vote on county ordinances.

• The City Council approved allocating $13,750 to Dianna Hunt and Associates to begin right of way acquisition for intersection improvements at Sigman Road and Sarasota Drive. The council also approved a $5,000 contract between the city and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline so the city can work on the company's easement for the intersection improvement.

• The council approved an agreement with Bunnell-Lammons Engineering for ongoing environmental services for the Miller Bottom Road landfill, which is currently closed. The cost for these services is expected to be around $25,000.

• Brian Cagle Grading Inc. was awarded the contract for the cleaning of silt and erosion stabilization on the culvert under Centennial Parkway. The estimated cost for the project is $20,825.

News editor Jay Jones contributed to this article.