THE RECIPE BOX: Strawberry pie an easy-to-make, delicious treat

Special Photo. Serve strawberry pie chilled.

Special Photo. Serve strawberry pie chilled.

Former Indiana, Pa., resident Kelly Dinatti, who now resides in Covington, brought a little taste of Northern memories to this Southern part of the world when she let me have her strawberry pie recipe.

Kelly knows everyone probably has their own version of strawberry pie, and though this particular recipe is easy, it comes with a lot of great memories.

First of all, she got this recipe from her mother's little wooden recipe box -- you know, the kind of box with index cards filled with great recipes. Kelly said that out of her three sisters, she was the one who grabbed that box full of goodness first.

Kelly also reminisced about the May Mart -- a crafts and plant (grown locally) show that was held in her hometown annually. She said that most folks got a slice of strawberry pie and a mushroom sandwich at the festival, kind of like most folks around here have to get a funnel cake at the Cherry Blossom or a hot dog at the ball field. She said it was two of the "must have" snacks amid the acres of plants, crafts and garden decor at the May Mart.

Nonetheless, when Kelly discovered the Mitcham Farm off Ga. Highway 81, she found herself going back for more and more, so much so that she has already bought four flats of strawberries this season.

Kelly has been cooking for many years. She learned a lot of her cooking skills from her mother. She has fun while cooking and, like her mother, said she gets the flour everywhere, but cooking is what she does.

"I even miss it when we go away on vacation," she said. "And as soon as we get home, out come the pots and pans."

She married an Italian man and she calls Sunday her sauce day. She make a sauce and uses it all during the week for different dishes. "I am not a fancy cook or a chef, I am just a cook," said Kelly.

Fancy cook or not, Kelly had me sold on this recipe. It is quick to make and it looks like a million bucks.

Before you head off to go get your fresh quart of strawberries (bought locally), I will leave you with my favorite quote from Kelly. In regards to how many berries one person could pile on this pie, Kelly said, "The more, the berrier."