18-year-old charged in girl's sexual assault

Photo by Susan Clark

Photo by Susan Clark

COVINGTON -- An 18-year-old Covington man has been charged in connection with a sexual assault on an adolescent girl.

Markettequis Lamont Williams, 9233 Carr Circle, is being held at the Newton County Detention Center on charges of child molestation, aggravated child molestation and rape.

Lt. Ken Malcom with the Covington Police Department said the alleged incident took place last October but was not brought to the attention of the Police Department until March. Malcom said it was unclear why it took so long for the accusation to be reported to police.

The alleged suspect and victim were known to each other, Malcom said, and the alleged assault was not forced. "Obviously, at that age you can't give consent."

Williams was arrested Thursday.

"It became known to us that he was out of state, and we knew when he was supposed to come back and we arrested him then."