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Experts offer tips on how to protect against insects

With summer bringing hot days and afternoon showers, mosquitoes are out in full force. It's difficult to spend any length of time outside without having to deal with the risk of getting bitten.

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Alliance to set goals on clean water

The South River Watershed Alliance will meet next week to discuss its role in protecting the river and lay out its plan to improve water quality over the next 81/2 years in conjunction with DeKalb County's federal court consent decree.

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End of Course Tests improve at state level

Students on average across Georgia are doing better on state-required End of Course Tests, according to the latest results, and local officials hope they can measure up with them.

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The Enclave, Porterdale participate in Night Out Against Crime

The Enclave at Gross Lake and the city of Porterdale will take part in the 28th annual National Night Out crime and drug prevention event on Tuesday, Aug. 2. Thousands of communities nationwide will participate simultaneously in the event, which last year involved 37 million people in 15,110 communities across the U.S.

Newton Poll - 07-23-11

"I'm commenting on the needed repairs to Airport Road for the new school. Rumor has it the school was originally designed to access Ga. Highway 142 and during the planning stages, the school system learned of the additional cost needed to access Ga. 142 and had the designer of the school turn the plans, to allow the school to access Airport Road, saving $300,000-plus in cost.

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JULIE WELLS: We don't have to worship Jesus, but we get to

My husband Kevin has this thing he says and it is one of my favorite sayings of his.

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JOHN PEARRELL: Put your trust in Jesus, who is the author, finisher of faith

Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, relates the story of flying on an airplane when the man sitting next to him, a former commercial pilot and now the owner of a small plane, said to him, "People make the mistake of thinking that large airplanes are safer than small ones. They make that mistake because the number of small airplane crashes greatly exceed the number of large airplane crashes. People assume that it is because small planes are not as safe, but that is not true. Small planes are just as safe as large ones, the problem is most small plane pilots simply lack experience."

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TONY ELDER: Our faith is meant to be a fully functioning part of our daily lives

Not long ago I was watching and listening to my young grandsons playing, pretending as if they were shooting cannons. I was somewhat surprised that they were imagining using that kind of weaponry as opposed to more modern or even futuristic instruments of battle that many kids have become familiar with through TV and movies.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Let's pray the rain returns to south Georgia

This has been an unusual summer with dry spells and occasional afternoon rain. At times this summer we have gone two weeks with extremely high temperatures and no rain. My lawn and garden have suffered to the extent that the leaves on the tomato plants wither and lawn grass turns yellow. Then the local weather pattern shifted and the late afternoon showers returned, then went away.

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JEFF BEHRENS: Salute to the good old days and the feasts yet to come

We celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Augustine was the celebrant of the Mass. The feast was July 16. He gave a good homily, starting off by telling us how he grew up in the Southside of Chicago and was baptized in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish.

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JOE LAGUARDIA: Nothing can replace King James

As the 400th birthday of the King James Version of the Bible comes and goes this year, several new Bibles are hitting stores to offer "fresh" translations to a timeless word. Whether these newbies will find a captive audience and dominate the Bible market as did the KJV is yet to be determined.