Health Reports - 07-19-2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: Restaurant health inspection reports published in the Citizen newspapers include only the restaurant's name, address, score, date of inspection and previous score. This is due to the length of violations included in the reports. Readers who would like to know more about a restaurant's score may go online at www.eastmetrohealth.com to read any violations recorded in the report.


Georgia FFA-FHA Camp, 720 FFA Road, 96/A, July 7.

Bert Adams Dining Hall, 218 Boy Scout Road, 96/A, July 11.

El Charro Mexican Restaurant, 3165 Elm St., 78/C, July 11.

Dairy Queen, 3125 Highway 278, 95/A, July 13.

Peking, 5340 Highway 20, Suite 8, 100/A, July 13.

Burger King, 53 Highway 81, Porterdale, 95/A, July 14.


daVIDO's 3.75 Pizza, 2040 Eastside Drive, Suite 101, 100/A, May 9.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Suite 300, 100/A, May 10.

RK Entertainment, LLC D/B/A R2, 1381 Iris Drive, 81/B, May 12.

Hawthorn Suites/Food service, 1659 Centennial Olympic Pkwy., 93/A, May 13.

McDonald's, 1320 Old Klondike Road, 94/A, May 13.

Quinzos Sandwich Store, 2455 Salem Road, Suite F, 93/A, May 13.

Rockdale Senior Service, 1240 Dogwood Drive, 100/A, May 13.