Officials to mull more budget cuts

Kathy Morgan

Kathy Morgan

COVINGTON -- Just how the budget set to be approved by commissioners on July 19 will affect various departments, and how many staff members will be displaced, is still not clear.

Chairman Kathy Morgan and Administrative Officer John Middleton were expected to review final budget adjustments submitted by department heads on Monday. Every effort is being made to save jobs, she said.

"Recommendations for employee displacements will be recommended after that process; however, the list will not be prepared until we have reviewed positions with the county attorney's office to be sure that we comply with Fair Labor Standards Act and until we have presented the recommendation to the Board of Commissioners and receive their approval once the budget has officially been voted on," Morgan said.

Morgan previously said she expected fewer than 20 employees to be impacted.

"I will tell you the conversations I have had with department heads is they are trying to find the dollars to cut in other areas instead of displacing much-needed employees. Some will be successful, others will not," she said Monday via email. "Regardless of employee cuts or other cuts to manage the operations of the county, service will be impacted. Most of the employees are working hard to find a way to provide services to the citizens of our county in the most efficient manner while saving taxpayers dollars."

Morgan has said the county will be soliciting resident volunteers to assist with some duties where it is legal to do so.

The Board of Commissioners gave informal approval to a proposal by Morgan for a budget of $44,248,176, keeping the millage rate at 10.91 mills. The budget must be advertised for 14 days before it can be officially approved.